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Sixes, (non-)no-balls, confrontations: how that dramatic final over unfolded in Jaipur

How our ball-by-ball commentary captured the seesawing emotions of one of the most dramatic overs in IPL history

Ben Stokes intervenes as MS Dhoni has a word with the umpires, Rajasthan Royals v Chennai Super Kings, IPL 2019, Jaipur, April 11, 2019

Ben Stokes intervenes as MS Dhoni has a word with the umpires  •  BCCI

Chennai Super Kings needed 18 off the last over, and at that point our Forecaster only gave them an 8% chance of winning. What followed was one of the most dramatic overs in IPL history, culminating in a last-ball finish. Here's how it all unfolded.
Forecaster says 8.2%. Equation is 18 off 6. Bowler is Stokes
19.1 Stokes to Jadeja, SIX runs, Jadeja you ballerina beauty. Full ball outside off, well wide of off and Jadeja falls over while driving it straight back over the bowler's head. Middles it while falling down and sends it over the fence! Incredible
19.2 Stokes to Jadeja, (no ball) 1 run, no ball and Jadeja has leathered this through extra cover. There's a fielder, but it's a free hit coming up!
Dhoni to face the free hit.
19.2 Stokes to Dhoni, 2 runs, slower ball, back of a length, Dhoni doesn't get hold of it properly, pulls it off the end of the bat past Stokes. Runs two
19.3 Stokes to Dhoni, OUT, yorked him. Stokes nails the perfect ball at the right time. Tails in between bat and leg to shatter the stumps. Dhoni was looking to give himself room
MS Dhoni b Stokes 58 (76m 43b 2x4 3x6) SR: 134.88
Santner in. 8 needed off 3
19.4 Stokes to Santner, 2 runs, another no-ball for height this time, slower ball goes wrong, ends up above waist height and Santner is able to shovel-flick it away. Okay scratch that, they have revoked that no-ball. And unprecedented - Dhoni is walking on the field to argue with the umpires He's arguing with them, Stokes is in the thick of it. Scenes! Scenes! Dhoni will earn himself a sanction. And CSK are going to be docked 'fairplay' points. The umpire had stuck his hand out, but the square leg umpire said that was not a no-ball
19.5 Stokes to Santner, 2 runs, wide of off and Santner stretches out and tries to swat it straight but it bounces in front of long-on
19.5 Stokes to Santner, 1 wide, And now that's been called a wide! Stokes went for the one wide outside off, and it is moving away a bit, ends up outside the tram line!
19.6 Stokes to Santner, SIX runs, Santner finishes off in style. What. A. Finish. CSK have won. They've stolen this. Amazing, amazing win. This was bowled full and outside off, Santner was probably expecting it, given that Stokes had been trying that, moved into position just enough to be able to extend his arms and loft it high and handsome over long-on. I repeat. What a win!
That last over was possibly the most action-packed in IPL history. It began with Jadeja falling over while hitting a six - how do you maintain balance to connect cleanly while falling over? It had a no-ball call reversed and the unprecedented sight of Dhoni marching on to the field (keep a watch for how he's sanctioned for this) to argue with the umpires. And then a last-ball six to win it. CSK just keep finding ways to win. And Stokes has another memory of last-over sixes in a defeat to add to his bank...