Korea's rainy season impacted on the first two rounds of the Korea Cricket Association's (KCA) 2000 Fall season, causing 3 of the 4 matches to be washed out. At the halfway stage of the season, reigning champions Pakistan Eagles lead the comp with 18 points.

The real surprise have been the Commonwealth Cavaliers, tipped by this writer at the beginning of the season to be lame ducks. Once the weather dried up they have proved to be otherwise. The Cavaliers currently hold second spot with 12 points.

The Korean Crusaders continue to develop with local Koreans playing an ever increasing role in the games.

Pakistan Eagles Played 6 Won 4 Lost 1 Washout 1 Points 18 Commonwealth Cavaliers Played 6 Won 2 Lost 2 Washout 2 Points 12 Sri Lankan Lions Played 5 Won 2 Lost 2 Washout 1 Points 10 Korean Crusaders Played 5 Won 2 Lost 3 Washout 0 Points 8 Indian Tigers Played 6 Won 1 Lost 3 Washout 2 Points 8

* Win 4 points, Loss 0 points, Washout 2 points


The KCA has been contacted by Sunkyunkwan University (Sports Department) with an interest in introducing cricket to the University and has sought the Association's assistance.

Matthew Steele, an Australian working in the Sports Department and the sports director visited a days play to view how we play cricket and to hold general discussions on how we could assist.

The KCA and the University's sports department will now work together in determining best ways to provide both equipment and coaching instruction.

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