Streak denies resignation claims

Contrary to claims made by the Zimbabwe Cricket Union last Friday, Heath Streak has denied resigning as national captain, and is currently seeking legal advice

Wisden Cricinfo staff

Heath Streak - not gone yet © AFP
Heath Streak has denied resigning as national captain, contrary to claims made by the Zimbabwe Cricket Union last Friday, and is currently seeking legal advice.
"Heath, at no time, tendered or threatened to tender his resignation as captain or as a national player, as alleged by the ZCU," read part of a statement issued by Denis Streak, Heath's father. "All he said was that if his concerns were not addressed he would consider possible retirement from international cricket."
The nature of Streak's contract means he is not permitted to comment on his employment situation, so it was left to his father - a former first-class cricketer himself, and a former member of the national selectors' panel - to speak on his behalf.
"In the circumstances the ZCU has acted unlawfully in unilaterally terminating Heath's position as captain and member of the Zimbabwe national squad," added Denis Streak. "He is seeking legal advice regarding this matter and enjoys overwhelming support and encouragement from both his fellow players and the cricketing public of Zimbabwe."
Heath Streak found himself in hot water after demanding an immediate review of the national selection panel, because he had no confidence in the teams being chosen. He wanted an immediate review to leave a maximum of four selectors who should have played first-class or Test cricket and would not be directors or commentators.
Streak has been involved in a long-running dispute with the selectors. Last May, his exasperation spilt over when he was consistently outvoted over team choices. "There are people who've not even played first-class cricket, and we expect them to pick a national team," he fumed. "That's a big joke."
At present, the selection panel is made up of Ali Shah [convenor], Steven Mangongo, Max Ebrahim [spokesman], John Brent and Geoff Marsh, the national coach. Shah was doing television commentary during the home series against Bangladesh in March, Ebrahim is a member of the ZCU board, while Mangongo did not play first-class cricket.