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The pitch gives the physios a workout

In less than three days, the physios were called upon seven times to treat batsmen hurt by deliveries that misbehaved on the Wanderers pitch

South Africa, 1st innings
Bumrah to Elgar, no run, wow, hit on the hand. Like Pujara, even Elgar is wearing a few. This one jags back in from outside off, beats Elgar on the inside edge and whacks him on the elbow. That's a very painful blow. He needs some treatment, and more importantly, time.
Sharma to Amla, no run, strikes him under the ribs and he needs medical attention. Vicious delivery, which probably moves off a crack in the good length area of the pitch. Ishant nails it, with a wobbly seam, and it snarls in at Amla, who is worse off because of that exaggerated shuffle across off stump. His bat has no chance of getting across in time and he takes a pretty painful blow where there is no protection
Sharma to Amla, 1 run, walks right across and is surprised by the bounce - where he expects it to hit the middle at knee-height and find runs through midwicket, it rears up, taking the glove and going to the left of the wicketkeeper. Parthiv does his utmost but even after a dive he is nowhere near close to the ball. Amla needs a little treatment for a painful blow on the fingers.
Kumar to Philander, no run, Philander cops a blow on the glove! A good length ball on off stump explodes off the pitch and hurts Philander. It was more or less similar to the ball that he punched to the cover boundary earlier this over. But this one kicks up and surprises him
Bumrah to Morkel, no run, bouncer on leg stump, Morkel tries to hook it away, past leg gully, but there is just too much bounce to middle these shots. Morkel gets hit on the left index finger and needs treatment.
India 2nd innings
Rabada to Kohli, no run, back of a length and lifting up outside. Looks to defend on the front foot and takes this on the thumb. Calls for the physio straight away.
Rabada to Vijay, no run, rapped on the left glove. Signals for the physio again. Lifts from a length and raps him as he looks to avoid it.