A group of players from the MCC University Centres of Excellence (UCCE) will be aiming to catch the eye of county coaches at Lord's on Tuesday with the prospect of earning a summer contract.

Nine coaches are expected to take the opportunity to assess the talent on offer among 48 UCCE players who are part of a two-day coaching seminar. It's a continuation of an initiative started by MCC last year when the focus was fast bowling.

Chris Scott, the former Durham wicketkeeper and now coach at Cambridge, said it's a good chance for the players to impress. "We decided to get a group of players from each centre, preferably those without contracts, to come and spend a couple of days and have a central coaching theme," he told Cricinfo.

"Then, on the second day, it's a good chance while all the players are together for counties to come down and just watch an open net. They can see if anyone catches their eye who might have slipped through the net in the past. Spinners are players who counties will always be interested in."

The seminar began on Monday with sessions on playing and bowling spin led by Mike Gatting and Min Patel, the recently retired Kent left-arm spinner. The quick bowlers made use of the Hawk-Eye software which is now available in the indoor school under the guidance of former England fast bowler Graham Dilley who now coaches at Loughborough.