Greg Maybury, a promising 14-year-old swing bowler, has become the second young Bermuda player to enrol at Oakham School near Peterborough in England, and is to further his cricketing career by attending a University Centre of Cricketing Excellence (UCCE).

"I am really looking for to this challenge," Maybury told The Royal Gazette. "They [Oakham] have great coaches with good philosophies and excellent facilities. I can only get better in the sport as well as in academics, so there is no better place to do these two than in England."

Like Stefan Kelly, who joined Oakham in 2003 and is now studying for his A-Levels, Maybury's further education in England is sponsored by the Bank of Bermuda Foundation, and he was given financial support by the government last week who pledged $4,000 to aid his training and development.

"I would like to thank the Bank of Bermuda and the Bermuda Cricket Board for giving me this opportunity and I want to tell players behind me that there are great opportunities out there for them and they can succeed and do even better then me," he said. "There is no pressure from the expectations placed on me. I am looking forward to the challenge and the experience I will gain from this exposure.

"I can end up at one of the UCCEs and continue to be a professional cricketer or succeed in the office, whichever I chose."