Futures League Twenty20 Table - 2009

Futures League Twenty20

Western Australia Under-23sWAU233300060.681489/59.1455/60.0
Tasmania Under-23sTas233210040.7408/56.3388/59.3
Australian Capital TerritoryACT3210040.25491/60.0476/60.0
Queensland Under-23sQld233210040.242385/59.0355/56.3
Victoria Under-23sVic23312002-0.232436/59.3446/59.0
South Australia Under-23sSAU23312002-0.471444/59.3476/60.0
New South Wales Under-23sNSW23312002-0.667379/60.0419/60.0
Australia Centre of ExcellenceACOE303000-0.474486/60.0503/58.4

Standings are updated with the completion of each game.

  • M: The number of matches played.
  • W: The number of matches won.
  • L: The number of matches lost.
  • T: The number of matches tied.
  • N/R: The number of matches abandoned.
  • PT: Number of points awarded.
  • NRR: Net Run Rate