Australia v West Indies, 4th ODI, Sydney February 8, 2013

Clarke ruled out of final ODI


Australia's captain Michael Clarke will miss the final ODI against the West Indies in Melbourne after complaining of a recurrence of the hamstring trouble that he has carried through the summer since suffering a muscle strain in the Hobart Test last year.

Shane Watson, only two matches into his own return from a calf problem, will lead the team at the MCG, with Shaun Marsh called into the ODI squad as cover. Instead of travelling to Melbourne, Clarke will remain in Sydney for recovery work until leaving for India on February 12.

"Michael Clarke has had his right hamstring assessed by team medical staff following the game and the team physiotherapist has confirmed that Michael has stiffness in the right hamstring," a CA spokesman said. "While there is no cause for alarm, Michael will not now travel to Melbourne for the fifth ODI on Sunday, as a precaution.

"He will leave for Chennai on the tour of India on 12 February, as planned. Shane Watson will captain Australia in the fifth ODI vs the West Indies at the MCG on Sunday. Shaun Marsh has been added to the ODI squad and will travel to Melbourne tomorrow ahead of Game 5 at the MCG."

Clarke showed signs of discomfort during his innings of 37 against West Indies in the fourth ODI at the SCG, which the hosts won to open up a 4-0 lead in the series.

The problem is an unwelcome one for Australia on the eve of their tour of India, with the team's other leading batsman David Warner himself recovering from a fractured thumb that forced him out of the West Indies series.

Clarke picked up the hamstring injury while batting in the first Test against Sri Lanka at Bellerive Oval in December, then nursed it through the remaining two matches of the series, making a century in Melbourne, before resting from the first two ODIs against Sri Lanka.

He is not yet considered in any doubt for the start of the India tour, but his value to the team and the recurring nature of the hamstring problem will be the cause for some alarm among the national team's medical team.

Australia face an unforgiving schedule for the rest of 2013, including four Tests in India, the Champions Trophy and Ashes series in England, another visit to India for a series of limited-overs matches, then another five Ashes Tests at home.

Earlier this week Clarke was picked up by Pune Warriors in the IPL auction for his nominated reserve price of $400,000.

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  • John on February 10, 2013, 2:57 GMT

    I'm sure that the lure of big money is tempting but if Clarke is as dedicated to the Australian cause as he has said then it's hard to see that playing the IPL is a good idea. I have no specific issue with the IPL but Clarke is too valuable to Australia to risk in what is, from an Australian point of view, a fairly pointless domestic tournament. Clarke is no longer playing international T20 so Australia get basically nothing out of his playing and, if he did sustain a serious injury, it would significantly weaken them for the upcoming Test series in India and in England. With this recurring injury and his chronic back issue, the only positive out of his playing IPL is to his bank balance, which is fine if that is his priority.

  • Graham on February 9, 2013, 21:21 GMT

    PaulRampley - Did you say Khawaja is our best batsman? I will put the obvious out there certainly Clarke is better. He is averaging 29 in tests and 39 in shield this yea, right now there is a lot of batsman better than him. It looks like he will get his shot to show he can do it, but he is unproven, statistically poor and certainly not our best batsman.

  • des on February 9, 2013, 10:19 GMT

    Why do Aussies get injured so easily these days? They used to be tough. Lillee and Thomson must be crying into their vegemite.

  • Daryl on February 9, 2013, 10:04 GMT

    Well it apears to me that the Pune Warriors have another 400grand to spend, any takers. Clarke needs to save himself for the tests.

  • Allan on February 9, 2013, 7:22 GMT

    @Optic i have to agree with Mitty. No dout Khawaja is our best batsman but around him we have some great young talent in Hughes, Khawaja and Warner. This series will be the making of Khawaja who is tailored made for test cricket and was very unlucky to be dropped after his first stint. But he went back and worked with Lehman and has come back a much more aggressive player. Cowan has done an okay job so far but i would much rather see Watson opening with Warner, Hughes at 3, Khawaja and Clarke batting in the middle order. No 6 is the biggest problem in my mind, I don't rate Maxwell as a test player, If only McDonald was fit. I know we are not yet ready to beat England but we will give it our best shot.

  • GARY on February 9, 2013, 6:05 GMT

    @Mitty2 By the way our next best is Tremlett, av.26 in tests, yes Onions is a backup averages 30 the same as Johnson lol.

    We can all play at the look at how many bowlers we have, we've got players with far more first class games under their belts not just 20 lol and average very well & who haven't played a test, so what it's meaningless drivel, but for you're benefit, Woakes 256 wickes @ 25, Roland-Jones 132 wickets @ 20, Chapple 883 wickets @ 26 , W Gidman 99 wickets @ 21, D Masters 522 wickets @ 25, M Davies 289 wickets @ 22 etc. By the way start giving it the big one about how many games you haven't lost when you go to places like the UAE and India, I'd keep my powder dry if I was you till then.

  • Jessee on February 9, 2013, 5:34 GMT

    @Optic. Your point is invalid. I refuse to take lessons in anything from an Englishman who can't even use his own language correctly. Your constant misuse of "your" and "you're" damn near gave me cancer so perhaps go away, work on your spelling and come back to us.

  • GARY on February 9, 2013, 5:15 GMT

    @ Mitty2 Oh look it's the usual Ocker false bravado, wasn't we here doing this a few months ago when you're great side was going to show us all how to play one day cricket and lay down a marker for the Ashes, we heard all the same stuff then about how great you're bowlers are & how Warner was going to switch hit Swann out of the Stadium, and then look what happened you got weighed measured and found wanting. By the way before you start trying to pick fault with a side you might want to have a good look at you're own. If Root's a club cricketer what is Cowan, he also average 39 and is 30 years old at that & Compton who has a better first class average than khawaja & Watson. Oh yes this attack has no chance against you lot lol, oh wait this very same line up destroyed you at home not that long ago. 3 innings loses. seriously how can you gob off. I'd be more worried about you're own line up, you literally have one batsman in Clarke, you're alright though you've got khawaja, Test av, 29.

  • Sean on February 9, 2013, 4:20 GMT

    Once again, I cant keep up with all the injury prone aussie prima donnas. Today its Clarkes hamstring, tomorrow it's Watson's strained hair, or someone might dislodge a shoulder pad.

  • Daniel on February 9, 2013, 3:10 GMT

    I actually don't mind having Clarke out of the ODI side against WI. Since Clarke hurt his hamstring in the tests against SL he should have been rested for the full ODI's against SL. But its good that hes resting this one out.

    Tappee is spot on regarding Chanderpauls non-selection?! As for FFL Symonds will never come back to AUS line every, he has too much pride. Hodge will never be back as well as he gave away first class cricket 2 years ago.

    I am really looking forward to this up and coming test series in INDIA. I think with the recent ENG v INDIA series, India would want to make a valid point and that is starting with AUS. I think it would be an extremely close series and it could come down to the wire. Aus should win but who knows as long as India's batmens goes up another gear and their spinners does the job **they were out performed by swan and monty**... my lineupi for india would be: cowan; warner; hughes; watson; clarke; khawaji; Wade; Johnson; Pattinson; Siddle; Lyon.

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