Former Australia captain suffers RSI October 21, 2005

Waugh injures arm writing autobiography

Cricinfo staff

Steve Waugh finished his books the old-fashioned way so he could pass them on to his children © Getty Images

Steve Waugh suffered bouts of a repetitive strain injury while finishing his autobiography that were so bad he could write only in 15-minute bursts. Waugh, whose book Out of My Comfort Zone is about to be released, hand-wrote the 220,000-word publication over a year and his right arm suffered.

"I could write for about 15 minutes at a time before it started getting sore," Waugh said in The Courier-Mail. "It was ridiculous."

Waugh has penned 15 books by hand so he could pass them on to his children. "That way they could all have a couple each rather than doing it on computer where you've got only one disc," he said. "It was a good idea at the start but at 11 months into it I thought `what an idiot'."

Waugh said he was proud of the book and was honest about himself. "I hope people will be interested in what influenced me and how my thoughts changed over the years," he said.