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Katich to face CA hearing for Clarke comments

ESPNcricinfo staff

Simon Katich, the Australia batsman, will face a Cricket Australia (CA) hearing over the recent comments he made about Australia captain Michael Clarke having a hand in keeping him out of the national side. Katich was reported under the CA code of behaviour provisions covering detrimental public comment.

Details of the hearing will be released in the next few days, but arrangements will be similar to those of past instances of CA reports for detrimental public comment, including Matthew Hayden's 2008 criticism of Harbhajan Singh and Adam Gilchrist's query of Muttiah Muralitharan's bowling action in 2002. It is expected to be held in Melbourne and presided over by CA's senior code of conduct commissioner Gordon Lewis.

James Sutherland, the chief executive of CA, said he was surprised and disappointed with Katich's comments, especially considering that new full-time national selector John Inverarity had said the selection door was still open for him. Katich had said on Friday that he took little joy in Inverarity's appointment because Clarke would not countenance his recall to the team.

"CA emphatically refutes any suggestion that Michael Clarke influenced the independent selection panel's recommendations for the 2011-12 CA contract players' list, a list that did not include Katich," Sutherland said in a statement.

"The National Selection Panel made its recommendations based on its independent assessment of Australian cricket's player needs for the next 12 months and the suggestions made by Katich are completely erroneous, inappropriate and unfair to Clarke, the selectors and to CA.

"Without compromising my confidential understanding of the selectors' confidential thinking, I can state their recommendations were completely independent of outside influence. I was particularly disappointed at the comments yesterday after the discussions we had with Katich in mid-2011 on inappropriate public comments he had made then."

Sutherland said that CA had followed its normal process when someone is dropped in Katich's case. The process involves the chairman of selectors talking with the player, for the player's state association to be advised before a public announcement so it can provide support if needed, and a subsequent CA follow up. In Katich's case, this included a follow-up discussion with Michael Brown, according to the statement.

Katich is expected to dispute the view that his axing was dealt with adequately by CA, though he is understood to have engaged in two conversations with the then chairman of selectors Andrew Hilditch at the time of his removal, followed by a lengthier dialogue with Brown.

Having led Australia to an ODI series win in South Africa, Clarke responded to Katich's words by saying they had been hurtful to the team's morale. Clarke said Katich's words would not help him get back into the team, and may also affect team morale.

"Look when Simon wasn't selected I wasn't a selector at the time," Clarke said. "Since becoming a selector I've made it clear in plenty of press conferences that I've done that the door's certainly not closed on anyone, but in saying that I don't think his comments are certainly helping him get back into this team at the moment.

"The team morale is such an important part of having success and it's been a great thing for the Australian team in both forms of the game of late. I think the team morale is outstanding and we're enjoying seeing a bit of success as well."

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  • Paul on November 1, 2011, 2:26 GMT

    Recent Australian cricket history abounds with fine players who were dropped before their time, behaved like true professionals and showed the world their true value and class, like Bevan and Bichel. Katich, unfortunately seems to have chosen Slater and Mark Waugh as his role models and will probably find his post-international form just as productive.

  • Tim on October 31, 2011, 1:50 GMT

    @brohitb - no you didn't read it correctly. He said Samaraweera was on of THIER (as in Sri Lankas) greatest batsman. Still a massive comment, but not terrible when you look at his stats. I agree with Randyoz, Katich should have kept his trap shut. But I also think his career was over anyway, and he knows it so why not speak your mind? Shame really. The only problem with a numbers based selection process is that it takes all of the important decisions out of the equation. Such as, what conditions will be like, has this person played outside Australia in first class before, does he bat like he's trying to chop wood instead of hit a ball, how experienced is he etc... Unfortunately it sounds good but it would never really work properly.

  • Dummy4 on October 31, 2011, 1:31 GMT

    Go Katich Go!!!!! Exercise your voice! Don't give up, keep seeking the truth!!!

  • Randolph on October 31, 2011, 0:13 GMT

    Katich shouldve kept his trap shut. He'll never get in the team now. Team unity is a big thing, even in my club side!

  • Mike on October 30, 2011, 11:07 GMT

    What we now need is a selection process, not selectors. We need a transparent formula for in-form state players to make the national team. Something tangible that lets them focus and set goals that once achieved, will see them presented with their baggy green test cap, or not-so-baggy one-day cap. Something that lets them know that they will be the next player called up. Or if they aren't, they know exactly why by looking at a chart or table, and what they have to do to clinch the next spot. A formula that also allows omitted players to re-make the team once they are back in the mix of state competition, so being dropped simply isn't considered the end at all - because it isn't. Perform well under the formula and they will get back into the national team in a month or two or twelve, because it's up to their numbers, their performance at state level, not up to a selector who had only just gathered the gumption to drop them under the weight of public outcry.

  • rohit on October 30, 2011, 10:02 GMT

    @surferboy ... did i read it correctly ... smaraweera ... greatest test batsman ever ... OMG ... i am short of words ...

  • vineet on October 30, 2011, 8:03 GMT

    Injustice may have been done to Simon Katich for sure. However I feel he must've behaved the way the great Dravid did when he was, more or less, in the same situation. (Although Dravid would never be accused of bashing up a guy even in my wildest imagination.) True, they are both very passionate cricketers, but Dravid was intelligent enough to realise that there are other things to life rather than just cricket which are far more important. At least now, Katich must be graceful and peace personified in order to get over this. There are lot more things to life, say God and family, rather than wasting time reminiscing over rubbish incidents.

  • Simon on October 30, 2011, 7:46 GMT

    This was certainly an unnecessary indulgence by Katich. He had his day out when he lost his contract and unfortunately was injured for awhile prior to that. But I think having three oldies in the test team is one to many and he is a boring batsman. I only watch cricket for entertainment. He obviously had a run in in the west as well because he disappeared to NSW while captain of W.A. Cricket has done him well so he needs to get happy and move on. He has never had the class of Clarke.

  • Wes on October 30, 2011, 6:01 GMT

    S Katich 36yrs, last 10 test innings, 231 runs @23.1. Hard to believe some rate him as Australia's best batsman at the tme of his sacking.

  • Lance on October 30, 2011, 1:35 GMT

    I for one think the modern 20/20 world we live in has removed the emphasis from how many runs you make, and now its all about what you look like making them! When Kat was much maligned as a one day opening partner for Gilly years ago, and Australia virtually never lost, he was doing a great job supporting one of the most destructive opening batsmen the game has ever seen, and they invariably got off to great starts. But because compared to Gilly it looked like he was making hard work of it, the public lambasted him, he was dropped, never to return to the ODI scene again. On a similar note in SL cricket. Dilshan gets made captain, cant make a run anymore, then drops himself down the order to blood an unproven opener at the expense of one of their greatest test batsmen ever(Samaraweera) who is dropped from the middle order inexplicably? Chanderpaul can barely maintain a place in the WI setup(and they are woeful!) I really do wonder about this modern world sometimes.Style over substance?

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