Australia A in England 2012 July 27, 2012

Injured James Pattinson out of Australia A tour

ESPNcricinfo staff

The fast bowler James Pattinson will not be part of the Australia A tour of England due to an abdominal strain. Pattinson suffered the problem during the final ODI against England in Manchester earlier this month and has not stayed on with the A side, which begins its tour with a three-day match against Derbyshire on Friday.

Pattinson is instead expected to resume bowling next week with Victoria, having returned home to Melbourne following the ODI series. However, he is expected to be fit for the one-day series against Pakistan in the UAE next month, having been named in the squad for that tour after he suffered the injury.

The Western Australia fast bowler Nathan Coulter-Nile is set to join the Australia A squad, which had already gained Alister McDermott after he was brought in to replace in the injured Pat Cummins, who suffered a side strain. The tour would have provided a valuable opportunity for Pattinson and Cummins to bowl with the red ball in English conditions ahead of their likely involvement in next year's Ashes.

Instead, the Australia A group will rely on Mitchell Johnson, Mitchell Starc, Ben Cutting, Jackson Bird, McDermott and Coulter-Nile for their pace requirements. The spin contingent is made up of Nathan Lyon, Jon Holland and Steven Smith. The Australia A series includes four games against county sides and the England Lions over the next three weeks.

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  • Roo on July 28, 2012, 7:25 GMT

    @Chris_P ... Like you I have keenly watched Starc & enjoyed his commitment... Watching him against NZ he seemed overly nervous - stage fright comes to mind - its is interesting to note how well Taylor looked after & coached Bracewell on the field (moving from slip to mid-off), while Clarke didn't offer any direct help to Starc at crucial times for the bowler & team... Starc has grown since then & seems to have a better handle on both his game & emotions...

  • Garry on July 27, 2012, 22:29 GMT

    Great to see Coulter-Nile get an opportunity, would have liked to see Butterworth get a go on a tour like this but as they lost Pattinson they needed a similar strike bowler as a similar bowler to Butterworth are already there in McDermott & Bird but they are nowhere near as good with the bat. It's promising to see some good time in the middle spent by the bats and great Burns got a bit of time as well, he has something about him. Playing against Derbyshire is a good way to warm up, the England Lions will be the big test.

  • Andrew on July 27, 2012, 22:12 GMT

    @Chris_P - "...I always have great admiration for players with limited ability who put in 100% effort.." I agree 100%. Cowan in cricketing terms is the "little Ozzy battler" & should have fans backing him not bagging him. Dunno how long he can stay in the test side with his current batting test batting ave, but I'm hoping he'll push thru.

  • Peter on July 27, 2012, 21:39 GMT

    Always been a big fan of Starc since watching his progress with the Blues. I also saw his test debut & he did bowl without a lot of luck to end up with unflattering figures which served for many, who had no idea, to write him off. He has since proved them wrong, as his progress is coming along quite well' I always have great admiration for players with limited ability who put in 100% effort and Ed Cowan fits that perfectly. Give me players like that over talented players not giving all every time, in any sport as well.

  • Jeremy on July 27, 2012, 16:51 GMT

    Good to see Ed Cowan at least temporarily silence some of his doubters with a hundred at a good clip. Hope he does well on this tour. We don't seem to be having any luck with Cummins & Pattinson - they are potentially great bowlers, so we need to "wrap em in cotton wool" for a while - I'm thinking long-term, forget next summer vs. the Proteas, it's the Ashes we really want to avenge. Give them an extended rest, work on their young bodies & build endurance/stamina for the long haul - in the meantime, develop our other bowling stocks. Can't win tests unless you take 20 wickets - no matter how good your batsmen are.

  • Andrew on July 27, 2012, 13:37 GMT

    @ Dazako - here, here. Just after lunch & he is 82 n.o, although the strength of Derbyshire is dubious. Also - Klinger's run tally is boosted by a ton against a Minor County team (although he hit a quality 80 odd not long after). @jmcilhinney - Starc is tracking nicely, he's had a stunted development because (you guessed it), injury, but he really seems to have latched onto some advice form Akram as post that 15 minute session, he has stepped up another notch, (primarily in short forms). To top it all off, there is no reason why he couldn't at least match Broad & Bresnan's batting stats internationally!

  • Daryl on July 27, 2012, 12:30 GMT

    For those Cowan doubters out there, the english county scoreboard looks like this, E. Cowan 1 inns 103 runs @ 103, P. Hughes 5 inns 206 runs @ 41, U. Khawaja 1 inns 9 runs @9, M. Klinger has 400 odd from 12 inns @ 37. I know its too early to judge considering the number of games but lay off Cowan for a bit and let him settle into the team. We need somone who can see off the new ball and he does it well. Its something we have been missing the last few years.

  • Roo on July 27, 2012, 12:09 GMT

    Feel that this CA push for Pattinson & Cummins to play regardless of recent injuries is just one of the dumbest things I have seen recently by the NSP... Give the guys a break & build up their endurance through multiple FC comps - it is becoming comical... Starc has shown endurance, McDermott has been mainly good, Faulkner & Butterworth have good records, Bird had a great last season - give those that have done the hard yards a go & see how they perform... Its not like Hilfy, Siddle, Harris aren't performing at Test level...

  • Andrew on July 27, 2012, 11:47 GMT

    @Heisenburg - I think there is a bit of consistancy there by selecting MJ. What I think was ultimately a successful tour for the A-team last time (to Zimbabwe), they took Hilfenhaas. At the time they spoke about a mentoring role as an experienced player, well MJ is experienced & has copped the highs & the lows. I don't mind him being there (I am a fan of his), I do think his time as a test bowler will shortly be ended by Starc (direct like for like), but I want him to have every opportunity to put his case fwd. @Marcio/RandyOZ - really happy for N-CN, I think he is the most unluckiest FC bowler in Oz, (just behind Cutting). There is a strong case to say that he should of had higher exposure a lot earlier, although an injury at the start of the last Oz summer didn't help. == == == Love to know whether any of Cummins or Patto's injuries are serious or precautionary. They have so much potential but any more injuries & you'd almost have to put them in the too hard basket indefinately!

  • John on July 27, 2012, 11:28 GMT

    While there are obviously various players that many people are keen to get a look at, this is a great opportunity for Mitchell Starc to impress, given that he is generally the third name mentioned behind Pattinson and Cummins and neither are now on this tour. Those who are jack of Johnson would presumably consider Starc the spearhead of the attack now.

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