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Mark Taylor returns as Cricket Australia director

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Former Australia Test captain Mark Taylor has said he intends to use his new position as a Cricket Australia board member to help build the national team's leadership group after their problems in India and England. Taylor has returned as a Cricket Australia director after losing his position on the board last year when it was restructured.

He has been elected as the Cricket New South Wales representative on the CA board despite the fact that he is independent of Cricket New South Wales, a move that required the state organisation to amend its own constitution. Taylor has taken the position that had been filled temporarily by David Dilley, who in turn had replaced Harry Harinath, the former Cricket New South Wales chairman.

Harinath claimed the state's one guaranteed place on the CA board last year - controversially, for Taylor was considered a strong candidate - but Harinath stepped down earlier this year. Taylor had served on the CA board from 2004 to 2012, and his return to an official position within Cricket Australia raises the prospect of him playing more of a role in helping Michael Clarke's side.

A lack of leadership within the current team has been an issue since the retirements of Michael Hussey and Ricky Ponting, notably at the time of the homework sackings in India and this week in England. Taylor said it was important that other senior players in the squad stood up to support Clarke now that Ponting and Hussey were gone.

"What you really get when you lose two players of that stature is that all the other guys - the Watsons, the Siddles, the Haddins - it's up to those guys to step up and form that leadership core," Taylor told the Sydney Morning Herald. "That's what I think Australia have got to get themselves to, and hopefully during this Ashes campaign. It's not ideal preparation but I don't want to blow it out of proportion either.

"I'll be doing whatever I can as a board director back here to try and instill that team feeling and build that leadership group. I know Michael [Clarke] very well and Michael and I have had a number of chats over the last three or four years. I hope that continues and I'm sure it will. Sometimes you need people who are outside that bubble to say to you 'well, this is what we see'. Sometimes it's good to have that input."

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  • Felix on June 18, 2013, 15:36 GMT

    Big_Maxy_Walker .... looking at the FC records of Hughes (ave 44), Warner (ave 45) and Watson (ave 43) against Khawaja (ave 42), Smith (ave 42), Doolan (ave 38), Burns (ave 41), Maddinson (ave 36), Ferguson (ave 36), Bailey (ave 38), Voges (ave 40) ... then the problem with Australia's batting is obvious. Those guys in the team already are the best we've got. Under your own criteria, Doolan, Khawaja, Bailey, Voges cannot be selected in your team ahead of Hughes, Warner and Watson.

  • adeel on June 18, 2013, 3:47 GMT

    Mark Taylor, your first priority should be to hold Mickey Arthur to account. since he came in aust team has gone down the spiral and we are seeing more personality clashes now then before. shane warne for all his troubles with the board over the years did say one thing that is 110% spot on when asked about coaches "coaches are there to take players from hotel to ground and back" ! remove arthur and get in any aussie coach.

  • Eddie on June 18, 2013, 2:03 GMT

    Time to pick guys who have consistently got results at the domestic level over a many seasons. So no Hughes, Warner, Maxwell, Doherty, Wade etc etc. Pick guys with plenty of experience and just a couple of young guys. Proper batsmen and bowlers not bits and pieces players. Cowan, Rogers, Doolan/Khawaja, Voges, Clarke, Smith/Bailey, Haddin, Pattinson, Harris/Siddle, Lyon, Bird

  • Graham on June 17, 2013, 1:17 GMT

    If your getting payed a million bucks with the opportunity of test matches on the line I dont get why players would not contribute the team ethos. Jagger - That talent you talk about has taken Warner to a test average of 39 and ODI average of 29, which has also been considerably below these figures in the last 12 months. Maybe discipline can take him to reach the potential you talk about, but currently with his haphazard committment to team rules he is failing. You can either accept mediocrity (again refer to Warners results) or demand that each player gets the best out of themselves.

  • Richard on June 16, 2013, 7:47 GMT

    Well said Balaji Dhumal. They were talking about spending millions on a tribunal for misbehaving 23 year olds... bureaucrats building an empire of bureaucracy. Dave Warner is a bloke from the 'projects' plucked out of nowhere and has never learned the finer points of life. He is a survivor, not a member of the kings court. But he can bat and that's all that matters. I second the call for less PC police at the top and more for holding the grassroots to account for the money they get. Also, for the percentage of the media money to be reduced as the pool gets bigger. More international cricketers as club & state coaches would improve our chances.

  • Dummy4 on June 16, 2013, 7:02 GMT

    "Mark Taylor wants the senior players to get behind Clarke". But who are the senior players apart from clarke. I can't think of one. Anyone. Instead of having players debuting at 30, maybe they should invest on someone in early to mid 20's instead.

  • David on June 15, 2013, 11:52 GMT

    How fast people forget. Since Hussey retired AUS has lost 4 tests. Fair enough. But in ODIs they have won 8/11, & people are condemning the team to hell. They actually climbed from 4th to 2nd in ODIs during this time. They lost 1 test series & 1 ODI series in 2 1/2 yrs B4 that. The ODI team has 5 guys in the top 6 with an avrge over 40. By comparison, SL- the team everyone says will win easily in the next TC game - have not a single player with a 40 average, & all but 1 avrge 36 or less. SL have 1 decent bowler only.

    AUS came 3rd in the T20 WC not long ago.

    Not quite the doomsday scenario so many are lamenting, is it?

    ENG lost 3-0 tests to PAK, couldn't beat NZ away. Lost 6-1 away ODIs vs AUS last time, lost 5-0 away vs IND. IND lost 8-0 away in tests.

    No nuclear obliteration yet.

    The problem is that the media is saturated with anti-AUS propaganda, exaggerating every tiny issue, while ignoring many positives. This is particularly true of the ENG media.

    I prefer reality.

  • Hitwicket99 on June 15, 2013, 10:36 GMT

    Balaji is spot on. Mate you could not have said it better. Our current batting line up is worse than pathetic. Bowling is no better.These guys are a pale shadow of the team we once had under Taylor and Waugh. We have slipped back to the pre-Border captaincy era (1979-86) so a revival may be a long way off. As Aussie supporters we just need to get used to that. Many forget that the decline commenced in 2005. We still have a long way to go.

  • Chris on June 15, 2013, 10:35 GMT

    Just shows that under Ponting and Hussey, players had come to feel like juniors, and once they left, they struggled to break out of that thinking. They'd become too dependent on the edler statesmen handling all the responsibility.

    Truth is though, Australia had truck loads of experience in India. Watson 32yo, 41 Tests, 159 ODIs; Clarke 32, 92 and 227 ; Siddle 28, 41 and 17; Johnson 31, 51 and 123. That's 751 games worth of experience and fair bit of age.

    We have sufficiently experienced players to replace Ponting and Hussey in the leadership roles, yet they're not stepping up.

    How much experience do players need now to mature??

  • Ronald on June 15, 2013, 8:35 GMT

    His first task should be to get the NSP to pick players on current form rather than reputation or 'potential'.

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