South Australia v Queensland, Sheffield Shield, 2nd day October 31, 2013

Botha's strikes curb Bulls fightback

ESPNcricinfo staff

Queensland 3 for 143 (Reardon 55*, Burns 51) trail South Australia 387 (Cooper 171, Botha 61, Feldman 5-101) by 244 runs

After resuming on 4 for 294, with Tom Cooper's overnight 165, South Australia looked set to make an imposing first-innings total, but a five-wicket effort from Queensland seamer Luke Feldman put paid to that and six wickets fell for 93 runs.

After just five overs in the morning session, Johan Botha, who had made 61, was trapped in front by Feldman to set off the South Australia slide. Cooper's innings came to an end a few overs later, when he was caught behind by the wicketkeeper Peter Forrest for 171. South Australia were eventually dismissed for 387 in 131 overs.

The Queensland openers began with a 48-run stand, before Greg Moller was caught by Michael Klinger at slip off the bowling of Johan Botha for 26. Usman Khawaya, who had an outstanding Ryobi One Day Cup campaign with 426 runs at 71, including four fifties and one hundred, was unable to continue his good form as he was out for just 8 off 43 balls, with Botha again the successful bowler.

New batsman Joe Burns, along with Nathan Reardon, fashioned a 71-run partnership for the third wicket, before Botha struck for the third time with about half an hour before stumps, leaving Queensland on 3 for 143.

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  • Graham on November 1, 2013, 20:07 GMT

    Mitch Fleming; Which end at Adelaide oval were you? I saw it and it was plumb. The cricket Australia commentarysays it was plumb. Every batsman gets out for a low score every now and then and this is no critisism of Khawaja but not sure why you guys need to post that he was unlucky when my view and all reports are completely opposite to this.

  • Graham on November 1, 2013, 14:21 GMT

    Sorry Mitch Fleming if you were right behind the bowlers arm at Adelaide oval you would be able to tell me which end was bowling wa it the river torrents or the cathederal end. It's nothing against the bloke for getting out for a low score, all batsmen get them, but he was plumb lbw and not sure why you guys need to spin a story that he was unfortunate. I was there and if you were you would be able to tell me which end?

  • Hamish on November 1, 2013, 8:54 GMT

    @Flemming_Mitch, go to the report of the Ryobi Cup final. Look at my comments. Please tell me again how I'm anti-Khawaja. I support potential players for Australia in the Shield above all else (with the side, casual support for Victoria) and have always followed domestic cricket closely. I've watched Usman bat domestically and internationally and he's obviously supremely talented but he has obvious problems that he needs to work on. His technical problems are identical to Hughes: can't get singles and struggles against spin, but unlike Hughes Khawaja will get a start 9 times out of 10. But unlike khawaja, Hughes will convert his starts much more than Khawaja will. I'm stating it's a thing to work on, and if he doesn't work on it he won't prosper in test cricket.

    Re Cowan, he faced the second most amount of balls out of any batsmen in the whole Indian series on those atrocious conditions. He was stoic and was unlucky to have been erroneously given out twice. Your point is irrelevant.

  • Phil on November 1, 2013, 6:08 GMT

    Flemingmitch i wouldn't waste words trying to convince folks who will never cut Khawaja any slack. Last year it was all about his fielding, now that they can't pick on that they jump on to someone else. I just think we should get behind our best young batsman in Warner, Khawaja, Smith and Hughes, sure they have areas they need to improve on, but lets stop bagging them out after 1 innings. I expect Warner, Khawaja and Smith to be a big part of our batting lineup in the coming years.

  • Mariam on November 1, 2013, 6:05 GMT

    I echo your every word Flemingmitch

  • Ross on November 1, 2013, 0:23 GMT

    @Mitty you take every opportunity to put Khawaja down, 1 game after he got a match winning 100 to win the Ryobi cup. You are a fan of Cowan who is a worse spin player then Khawaja, Hughes is perhaps the one who needs to work most on it. And Amith is correct, all our lefties including Rogers, Cowan, Hughes need to work on their spin, not just Khawaja, and i am sure they will improve on it. And Shaggy i was sitting right behind the umpire when he got out and he wasn't out mate, but like Mary said you do have to take the good with the bad, there is no conspiracy against him or anything like that as much as i like conspiracy theories(lol)

  • Mashuq on October 31, 2013, 17:15 GMT

    He's been tried a couple of times @Mary_786 on (October 31, 2013, 10:48 GMT) but was neither threatening nor economical. He's been pigeon-holed as an ODI type, but was struggling to hold a place in that format so he left.

  • Eddie on October 31, 2013, 14:38 GMT

    That Cooper could potentially be very good if he was more consistent. Has had some good innings for the Dutch side and looks in very good recent form including the Ryobi cup. Feldman is a bit of an unsung hero for the Bulls. Has become very reliable the last 2 or 3 seasons. Cutting bowled again today, so maybe that hand injury isn't as bad as first thought. He also got a wicket and was very economical

  • Hamish on October 31, 2013, 12:21 GMT

    @Amith_S, Khawaj , whether it be Narine, Swann, Botha or Lyon has seriously struggled against off spin. He can't start against spin, he certainly can't prosper against spin (how many times now has he gotten out to an attempted slog when under pressure?) and he bogs himself down against spin. Simple as that. Don't bring in other players, it's a problem and he has to face that. He'll get nowhere if he relies on the excuse 'no left hander likes to play off spin". And regardless, one of my favourite ever cricketers in Mike Hussey, he had a very good record against off spin. So too did Hayden and even Cook showed his ability in India. Khawaja scored 8 runs off 42, which is another problem of his - his inability to rotate the strike and his ability to bog himself down which pushes the pressure on his partnering batsmen. Sure he's a prospect, but right now he's behind hughes, Bailey and Warner, and I can see the likes of Maddo, Silk and Burns overtaking him. He has to work on it. Don't deny.

  • Graham on October 31, 2013, 12:00 GMT

    Sorry Mary_786 and Smith_S I was at the game and he was plumb. Read the commentary to see what they thought.

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