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Gayle takes aim at critics as he leaves BBL

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Chris Gayle wants to return to Australia

Chris Gayle has farewelled the Big Bash League for this summer - and possibly forever - with a social media outburst in which he hit back at former cricketers who criticised his behaviour during an interview with journalist Mel McLaughlin. Gayle also declared himself a league-builder in the Twenty20 format and said that if he had played his last BBL innings his "memory with the fans will live on forever".

His final innings certainly was memorable: a 12-ball half-century that equalled the all-time fastest T20 fifty set by Yuvraj Singh in 2007. But Gayle will be remembered more for the interview in Hobart in which he asked McLaughlin for a drink and told her: "don't blush, baby".

His comments were widely criticised, including by Cricket Australia, and while Gayle was not suspended by his team, Melbourne Renegades, it is considered unlikely he will be welcome in future BBL tournaments. Gayle used his Instagram account on Tuesday, the day after his last innings of the series, to thank the Renegades and the Australian fans for their support.

"Ppl think I may have played my last innings in Aus but my memory with the fans will live on forever!!" Gayle wrote. "I build leagues around the world and Big Bash is one of them ... 'Give the ppl what they want'."

Gayle's conduct during the interview was criticised by various media outlets and former players, including Andrew Flintoff, who tweeted at the time that Gayle had "made himself look a bit of a chop". Gayle's former Sydney Thunder team-mate, Chris Rogers, was more expansive on ABC radio during the Sydney Test and said he had concerns about the influence set for younger players.

"From my time at the Thunder, I was very disappointed in his attitude and his behaviour and I've never been a fan since," Rogers said at the time. "From what I saw, if I had have been in the Thunder the next year, it would have been my advice that he shouldn't have been anywhere near the set-up.

"The reason I think he hasn't played in the BBL for a while is because that was said: 'Stay away from Chris Gayle because he brings more trouble than he's worth'. This is a pattern of behaviour that if you know the guy you see it over and over. To defend it, I think is not right at all. I don't see it as funny at all. He says it's just a joke. Well, it's not just a joke is it?"

Although he did not name anyone, Gayle was scathing about the criticism he had received.

"To the MEDIA, Thank You all so! The Haters, I Thank you even more ... I think a lot of past and present cricketers who smile in front my face could've have there say In the public when my so call issue was going on, but y'all don't have the BALLs to stand firm when it matters - but yet when u see me you're like, Chris that's BS against you, it was blown out of proportion smh [shaking my head]...don't tell me, tell the media and public!

"The past cricketer who say I make myself look like a chop, the other who claim I was no good to the youngsters while playing for the thunder, the next one who said he expect that sort of behavior from Chris - Y'all can kiss my 'Black Rass' I love Australia and I will be back again even for the ... oi oi".

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  • Subash on January 22, 2016, 16:39 GMT

    Thats why I will never care about people such as Gayle, Warne, Peterson any more than just a bloke who are good at cricket. But I will always think of people such as Steve Waugh, Sachin, Imran Khan, Gilchrist both as a cricketer and human being.

  • Cricinfouser on January 22, 2016, 2:08 GMT

    Gayle is not as great as his ego. Roll back the footage on the over bowled to him by Shoaib Akhtar where the bowler almost sliced him in pieces in one over beating him multiple times then taking his wicket. Yeah man. Gail. .. Talk nah

  • Six on January 21, 2016, 16:37 GMT

    Some of you don't seem to understand the real issue here. It isn't necessarily his comments, it's that he did it LIVE in front of millions.

    If he wanted to ask her out then it should have been politely off camera. Unacceptable behaviour from Gayle to do it on camera.

  • Carlos De Souza on January 21, 2016, 12:45 GMT

    The Aussies have ALWAYS been guilty of adopting double standards. They think that they can say anything to anyone but others have to be constrained with them.

  • ian on January 21, 2016, 8:14 GMT

    @brusselslion: That patient explanation as to the identities of Chris Rogers and Andrew Flintoff has to be the straightest-bat answer (to a rather banal jibe that was meant to be witty) I've read in a good while! This Gayle gaffe incident - and the articles that have followed it - have brought a lot of antediluvian responses crawling out from various pieces of rotting wood.

  • leftyb7421825 on January 21, 2016, 7:13 GMT

    Enough said Chris!!! Let your bat do the talking as always and you will win more hearts!Period.

  • Jon on January 20, 2016, 20:01 GMT

    Ok so how many titles has Chris Gayle won in the IPL, BPL, BBL, Natwest Blast etc etc. Gayle can whack bad bowling but please do not insult the game by saying this man is a great. Watching him against the likes of Ajaml and the real Aussie quicks has always been painful. Nobody is bigger than the game and whilst he may have scored one quick fifty in the tournament, yet again the team he plays for has failed. Gayle is yesterday's news, not worthy to scrape the boots of guys like AB, Warner, Willamson, Root. Let him play IPL where he will bully the lower ranked teams and fail when the big occasion and the good bowlers come out to play.

  • John on January 20, 2016, 16:43 GMT

    Chris Rogers having a go?! The guy doesn't leave his room. He would rather stay indoors and do a crossword than get out and experience life.

  • Jason on January 20, 2016, 13:58 GMT

    People should boycott BBL.

  • Jason on January 20, 2016, 13:56 GMT

    who watch BBL? I would rather watch BPL or PPL.

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