Bermuda January 11, 2007

Lionel Cann proud of 'celebrity' status

Lionel Cann, the Bermuda allrounder, is writing for The Bermuda Sun

Lionel Cann, the Bermuda allrounder, is writing for The Bermuda Sun. In his column he says: "Since [Bermuda] qualified for the World Cup in 2005, my life has changed. I became an instant celebrity, along with my teammates. Everybody in our whole circle wants to be a part of that success".

And in spite of widespread criticism of the team's fitness, Cann insists has has "to watch what I eat when I'm out because people will question what I'm eating".

As I train in Trinidad, there is a lot of excitement with World Cup places up for grabs, I can see the extra sacrifice that the players have made.

Things are going quite well for us. From my observation all the team is working very hard on their fitness and it appears the team is on a high with the World Cricket League ahead.
I feel like the team is trying to forget the negatives and focus on the positives.

I am very excited about the addition of the potential of the young players. They're striving forward and working hard to gain experience and improve their game as they are looking forward to 2009 and the next ICC Trophy.

Cann is with the Bermuda squad for a week's training in Trinidad.

Will Luke is assistant editor of ESPNcricinfo

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