Australian cricket February 10, 2007

Nielsen tells his story

“Tim who?” was a common response when Australia announced their new coach on Monday. Anyone wanting to find out more about Tim Nielsen would do well to read Trevor Marshallsea’s interview with the new coach in the Sydney Morning Herald, where Nielsen admits, among other things, he’d prefer to take over a dominant side rather than having to build up a struggling team.

"Some players prefer it if you say: 'Look, you're playing like a busted arse - sort it out.' Others might dig their heels in, so you've got to go away and think of a softer approach, like writing them a note or dropping them some video. The people management side of it is something I enjoy."

In the same paper, Alex Brown speaks to Glenn McGrath’s first state coach, Steve Rixon, in the lead-up to McGrath’s last ODI at his home ground at Sydney on Sunday.

Rixon fondly remembers McGrath's first season with the Blues, beginning with five wickets on debut against a Tasmanian side that boasted a teenager called Ricky Ponting. Adam Gilchrist also made his first-class debut in that match, which featured Australia's current bowling coach, Troy Cooley, as 12th man for the Tigers and national selector Jamie Cox batting first drop.

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