February 20, 2010

Indian cricket

Will cricket boost India's Olympic medal tally?


In the Times of India's weekly publication Crest, Partha Bhaduri looks into whether cricket - already overwhelmingly the most popular sport in India - will ended up usurping other lower-profile sports if it is included in the Olympics or whether it will present a chance for India to boost its medal tally.

There's a school of thought that cricket will,at best,be a queer sideshow in the gargantuan Olympic circus,more synchronized swimming than 100 metre dash.The ICC has only 10 full members,and that's no place to start.Of course,there are 35 associate members and 59 affiliate members,but it's more a unique brainwave to notch up the numbers,given that even the ICC will be hard-pressed to take their competitive skills seriously.If spreading the game is ICC's mission,how about an IPL game in the US?


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