May 8, 2012

Brett Lee strikes a new musical note

Carlyle Laurie

Australia fast bowler Brett Lee, better known for dishing out chin music on the green, is now focusing on music of a different kind: music therapy. Lee launched India's first Music Therapy Academy in Delhi to train Indian musicians to bring children as well as grown-ups affected by trauma, illness or cognitive challenges into the national mainstream.

"Music is widely undervalued as a powerful tool to help people overcome trauma, deal with disabilities, express themselves and respond to treatment when suffering from physical and psychological ailments," Lee said. "It is my hope to see many more of these academies established across India to train musicians to use their talent to transform lives of those less privileged."

Lee said that music has helped him cope with several personal crises which included a divorce in 2008. "I turned to music during professional problems, during the personal crisis that I endured a few years ago. Music provided relief after a bad day in cricket and everything else. Music therapy has been brilliant for me," he said.


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