Test cricket September 28, 2013

Stronger resolve needed for day-night Tests

Osman Samiuddin, writing for the National, looks at the pros and cons of day-night Tests

The debate about day-night Tests has been going on for a long time, but Osman Samiuddin, writing in the National, feels that someone, with a Kerry Packer-like vision, is required to push the case forward with a greater resolve.

There were on-field problems - to which we will get to - but the more relevant lesson for modern cricket administration was Packer's attitude once he determined that day-time attendances were a problem. He did not waste time by carrying out endless trials with different balls and kit, under different lights. He wanted to have a day-night Test and he simply went ahead and got it.

In the second article in the series, Samiuddin looks at the ball, specifically, the colour of it and the impediment that it's causing to the acceptance of day-night Tests.