August 15, 2014

India cricket

It's mistakes, not indifference

Amidst all the criticism MS Dhoni and his team have been getting, Dileep Premachandran writes for Wisden India about how nearly every off-field activity of the Indian team is seen in negative light and some simple statements are twisted to suggest they have an indifferent approach.

In the days since the Old Trafford defeat, there have been at least a dozen people asking this correspondent alone whether MS Dhoni and the team care about Test cricket. It's not an easy question to answer with a straight face. These players are professionals. This is what they do. Do we ask journalists if they care about doing in-depth features?

Does anyone really think Kohli enjoys watching a loved one's name being dragged through mud because he's going through a poor run of form? Does Ravindra Jadeja really enjoy being abused by thousands of trolls on Twitter and other social media forums? Is Dhoni really oblivious to the fact that even those that can't hold a bat the right way up think they could captain the side better?


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