Alan Tyers

JUNE 07, 2013

How to bet on the Champions Trophy

A handy form guide to who you should be putting your money on during the tournament
Odds on to be appointed a member of parliament for the upliftment of hair © BCCI
MAY 31, 2013

Minister fights for Fawad and everything Australian

Getting a spinner for the Ashes is a national crisis, so a political leader steps up to do his duty
MAY 20, 2013

UK media shows massive interest in the IPL

Journalists rub their hands in glee before typing out the standard "I told you so" pieces
APRIL 15, 2013

Australian selectors confident about team's batting

And other eye-opening news in store this week
APRIL 01, 2013

Meet Australia's future Ashes stars

Not excited by what's been on offer so far? These players will get you perked up
MARCH 25, 2013

An apology about New Zealand-England coverage

The media apologises for certain minor errors and misprints in reportage about the series so far
MARCH 11, 2013

Happy hours in Dunedin

The New Zealand dressing room was in high spirits after the draw against England
MARCH 01, 2013

TV viewing safety guide for New Zealand-England Tests

The time difference can kill you unless you follow these instructions
JANUARY 14, 2013

The problem with New Zealand

Whisper it: the Black Caps are killing Test cricket
DECEMBER 21, 2012

Cricket's letters to Santa

Two front teeth? Apparently some of our leading lights want a little more for X'Mas
DECEMBER 11, 2012

India brains trust fixes the Test team

Stuttering side put back on track after vital meeting
NOVEMBER 09, 2012

That Australian dossier on South Africa in full

Wondering what insights and strategy the precious document contains? Wonder no more
OCTOBER 15, 2012

Window opens for cricket tournament

Administrators move swiftly to address issue of yawning gap between T20 cups
OCTOBER 05, 2012

The Kevin Pietersen reintegration package

England's players work together to bring KP back into the fold
SEPTEMBER 24, 2012

Behind the scenes at England's India defeat post-mortem

Behind the scenes at England's India defeat post-mortem
SEPTEMBER 14, 2012

England squad enjoy well-earned rest

A look at what the various members of the side got up to on their break
SEPTEMBER 04, 2012

America to go crazy for Crickball

The 498th time's the charm. USA, you've been warned
AUGUST 27, 2012

Play the KP punditry game

Sit in front of the telly during the World Twenty20 and start scoring
AUGUST 13, 2012

In which KP secures his glorious future

We take a look at the latest viral video starring the Great One
AUGUST 03, 2012

What can cricket learn from the Olympics?

Cricket's decision-makers have their eyes on London, and they've been taking notes