DECEMBER 04, 2012

Janmohammed faces uphill battle to arrest slide

Martin Williamson: The election of Jackie Janmohammed as Cricket Kenya chairman comes at a time when Kenyan cricket is not only at its lowest ebb since the heady days of the 2003 World Cup but is seemingly only heading in one direction
DECEMBER 03, 2012

USACA eyes Associates in scaled-down league

Cricinfo: Months after plans were outlined for a professional Twenty20 competition in the USA that was going to be so impressive there was talk of it impacting on the English season, it seems the reality of finances and availability has led to a marked
DECEMBER 02, 2012

Kenya appoints first female chairman

Cricinfo: Cricket Kenya has created a piece of history by electing a woman as its new chairman, the first female to head a national cricket board.
DECEMBER 01, 2012

Another twenty in Qatar

Cricinfo: Continuing their policy of reaching out to Arabian youth, the Qatar Cricket Association have been to Ali Bin Abi Taleb School in Doha and met with schoolchildren and teachers there
DECEMBER 01, 2012

Towards Mongolia

Cricinfo: Cricket and Mongolia are two things that have not been cited in the same sentence too often in the history of the world
NOVEMBER 27, 2012

Netherlands head to Truro

Cricinfo: Netherlands will play one of their CB40 matches in 2013, against Nottinghamshire, at Truro as part of the Cornish Cricket Festival.
NOVEMBER 14, 2012

World T20 is a 'Major step forward for Disability Cricket'

Cricinfo: England’s Visually Impaired team are in preparing for the first ever Twenty20 World Cup, which will feature eight teams and run from December 2 to 13 in India
NOVEMBER 13, 2012

Dismissed secretary sues USACA for $1.5m

Cricinfo: Former USA Cricket Association executive secretary Kenwyn Williams has launched legal action for damages against the board, claiming in excess of $1.5 million for what he claims is action which exposed him to “public contempt, ridicule, aversion and
NOVEMBER 12, 2012

Serbia emerges from humble beginnings

Cricinfo: Tristan Lavalette on how in Serbia cricket is slowly taking a hold among the indigenous population
NOVEMBER 08, 2012

Channel Islands competition scrapped

Cricinfo: The Jersey Cricket Board are hoping an end-of-season tournament between the best teams from Jersey and Guernsey can continue after the Channel Island’s Cricket League was scrapped after nine years at the end of the 2012 season.
NOVEMBER 05, 2012

ICC Europe signs new kit deal

Cricinfo: The ICC Europe and Cricket Factory have announced the signing of a deal “as part of the overall commitment to help grow the great game across Europe”.
NOVEMBER 02, 2012

Unpaid players sue over Canadian T20

Cricinfo: Sixteen players have started legal proceedings against the organisers of the Cricket All Star T20 Match which was held in Toronto in May claiming they have yet to be paid
OCTOBER 29, 2012

USACA considers next steps against Williams

Cricinfo: The USA Cricket Association has moved to distance itself from suspended executive secretary Kenwyn Williams, with a spokesman telling ESPNcricinfo that Williams “no longer has the rights to represent the association”.
OCTOBER 29, 2012

Cricket gets a Brazilian

Cricinfo: Dawn reports that Brazil is looking to try to get its population to embrace new sports head of the 2016 Olympics, including baseball, rugby ..
OCTOBER 25, 2012

How not to use social media

Cricinfo: For a highly amusing take on the recent USACA social media farce, check out Andy Bull's article in the Guardian .
OCTOBER 25, 2012

China plays host to women's T20 event

Cricinfo: Attempts to push China as the next big thing continue with the four Asian Test-playing nations - Bangladesh India, Pakistan and Sri Lanka - taking part with China, Hong Kong, Nepal and Thailand in the women's ACC Twenty20 Cup.
OCTOBER 23, 2012

Suspended USACA secretary faces legal action

Cricinfo: The USA Cricket Association has upped the ante in its bid to address issues caused by suspended executive secretary Kenwyn Williams and instructed its lawyers to warn him that he faces legal action if he continues to publish confidential
OCTOBER 23, 2012

Last obstacle preventing Cricket Kenya elections removed

Cricinfo: The long-delayed Cricket Kenya elections are now on course to be held by the end of the year after the removal of the last obstacle posed by the Nairobi Provincial Cricket Association, which had delayed them taking place over the summer.
OCTOBER 22, 2012

Suspended USACA secretary goes on the attack

Cricinfo: The infighting within the USA Cricket Association (USACA) which last week led to the suspension of Kenwyn Williams, the increasingly unpredictable executive secretary, continues with the issuing of an agenda for the forthcoming AGM which includes a
OCTOBER 20, 2012

Outerbridge to succeed Hemp as Bermuda captain

Cricinfo: Steven Outerbridge has been appointed Bermuda captain, following David Hemp's resignation from the post last month