Kanishkaa Balachandran

JULY 14, 2012

The Pakistan journalists go AWOL

Not surprisingly, a question I was often asked, especially in the smaller towns like Hambantota, Galle and Kandy, was "are you from Pakistan?"
The way a player conducts himself in press conferences is sometimes indicative of his personality © AFP
JULY 02, 2012

Riding the Queen of the Sea

One of the better ways of travelling with the locals is to hop on a train. Having done the Galle-Colombo route several times by road, including the flashy new Southern Expressway, I decided it was time for a change
JUNE 15, 2012

The myths and realities of the Josephian Mafia

Think of Sri Lankan school cricket rivalries, and the first thing that comes to mind is Royal-Thomian annual clash, now 133 years old. Another rivalry, though not as steeped in history, is the Battle of the Saints, between St Joseph's College and St Pete
JUNE 04, 2012

A reptilian visitor

Slithering reptiles are not uncommon in this part of the world. In fact, Sri Lanka is known for its overwhelming population of snakes and high incidences of snakebites.
JUNE 02, 2012

A ride through the 'Gateway to Miracle'

Quite often, the quality of roads and highways is seen as an indicator of a nation's development. If that yardstick is applied to Sri Lanka as well, then the Southern Expressway has given everyone a good reason to brag