Firdose Moonda in Colombo

JULY 01, 2014

Catching practice with South Africa

South Africa train Sri Lankan schoolchildren to raise money for the country's blind team
Kyle Abbott directs a fielding drill © ESPNcricinfo Ltd
OCTOBER 18, 2013

Small crowd creates big atmosphere

More than 4000 people attended the Abu Dhabi Test on each day, adding much-needed colour in the sterile setting
SEPTEMBER 11, 2013

Working in the dark

A powercut in Harare left most parts of the city without electricity, forcing our correspondent to search for a plug point and an internet connection
SEPTEMBER 08, 2013

How yoga healed Bryan Strang

With more and more cases of depression in cricket, Firdose Moonda catches up with Bryan Strang, who had to deal with his own problems, and found a way to overcome them
SEPTEMBER 03, 2013

The experience of arriving in Zimbabwe again

One of the excitements of touring Zimbabwe occurs long before one arrives in the country. Getting there is an experience on its own
JUNE 23, 2013

The Champions Trophy's worker bees

The 800 volunteers in the Champions Trophy turned into "the face of the tournament"
APRIL 26, 2013

Bangladesh's tiger suit fan

Shoaib Ali, Bangladesh's most passionate fan, will be a regular feature throughout the course of the Zimbabwe tour, and will surely provide much amazement and energy for all supporters alike
APRIL 22, 2013

Stuart Carlisle's other sporting passion

Stuart Carlisle, the former Zimbabwe batsman, on why he has established a sports shop in Harare
DECEMBER 03, 2012

New looks for Australian cricket grounds

Before the iconic arc of Moses Mabhida held up the Durban sky, there was a grotty grey concrete block masquerading as a football stadium in its place
NOVEMBER 23, 2012

Comptons connect across Indian Ocean

Cricket tours are like mazes - mazes of tunnels actually. Weeks are spent in a foreign country, discovering new things and working hard. The hours melt into days which spill over into weeks.
NOVEMBER 04, 2012

A sporty paradise

There is one thing South Africans and Australians have in common. People from both countries love sport. And for the most part, both are pretty good at it
AUGUST 10, 2012

Masterful menu for would-be Test masters

Duck was not in the menu but Derby County Cricket Ground has probably never seen such as a spread
JULY 30, 2012

Time for a ladies tea

It's not often that something in cricket is done with ladies in mind
JULY 26, 2012

Always connected in the world of cricket

It does not matter how small the world gets, it will never get smaller than cricket. Like a large, extended family, everyone knows everyone else, because they know somebody who knows the person they are meeting, somehow
JULY 24, 2012

The English crowd experience

Generosity. It's not what you expect from a crowd that has paid to get something. But it is what The Oval crowd was all about
JULY 14, 2012

On to Canterbury after the trials of Taunton

It was raining in Canterbury but the weather cleared sufficiently for both cricket and sightseeing - a tour of the magnificent cathedral
JULY 10, 2012

A South African touch to Somerset

So this is it. The tour everyone wants to go on. The visit to the country that is the home of cricket which will culminate with a Test at ground known as the home of cricket
MARCH 11, 2012

Sampling rugby in Dunedin

"Rugby is to New Zealand what cricket is to India," Nathan McCullum said, when talking about the difference in following between the two sports in the country
MARCH 05, 2012

An inviting university town

Besides good stories, one of the resources journalists treasure most is time
JANUARY 13, 2012

The other side of Jacques Kallis

As it began to drizzle over Buffalo Park in East London, Jacques Kallis stood in a circle with six blazer-clad schoolboys