APRIL 22, 2013

Stuart Carlisle's other sporting passion

Firdose Moonda: Stuart Carlisle, the former Zimbabwe batsman, on why he has established a sports shop in Harare
Teeing off at the Zimbabwe Open © ESPNcricinfo Ltd
MARCH 26, 2013

Rear-ended in Hambantota

Andrew Fidel Fernando: ESPNcricinfo's relationship with Hambantota is already a storied one. Several reporters have had adventures there, and Andrew Fernando joins the list
MARCH 21, 2013

Roar that follows the tigers

Mohammad Isam: Shoaib Ali Bukhari can shout all day, in the heat, and not have a care in the world about where the next meal will come from or whether there will be a bed to sleep on. Sounds like just another crazy cricket fan that we have all encountered in life - or h
MARCH 05, 2013

Matara cricket in good hands

Mohammad Isam: Matara is no different from the usual coastal towns in Sri Lanka, be it the sun, the curved coconut trees, the humid air or the recovery from the 2004 tsunami destruction
FEBRUARY 10, 2013

Making music on the sidelines

Abhishek Purohit: Matches involving hosts India in the Women's World Cup drew crowds of around 2,000 to the Brabourne Stadium in Mumbai
JANUARY 17, 2013

Searching for civilians in Palam

Sharda Ugra: The Palam A Ground is a bit old-fashioned, one Mumbai man saying it reminded him of an English league venue
DECEMBER 03, 2012

New looks for Australian cricket grounds

Firdose Moonda: Before the iconic arc of Moses Mabhida held up the Durban sky, there was a grotty grey concrete block masquerading as a football stadium in its place
NOVEMBER 23, 2012

Comptons connect across Indian Ocean

Firdose Moonda: Cricket tours are like mazes - mazes of tunnels actually. Weeks are spent in a foreign country, discovering new things and working hard. The hours melt into days which spill over into weeks.
NOVEMBER 04, 2012

A sporty paradise

Firdose Moonda: There is one thing South Africans and Australians have in common. People from both countries love sport. And for the most part, both are pretty good at it
AUGUST 10, 2012

Masterful menu for would-be Test masters

Firdose Moonda: Duck was not in the menu but Derby County Cricket Ground has probably never seen such as a spread
AUGUST 04, 2012

Lonely Hambantota, lovely Pallekele

Abhishek Purohit: Hambantota and Pallekele. Two names we had heard frequently and always together in the run up to the 2011 World Cup, as the locations for the new stadiums Sri Lanka was building
JULY 30, 2012

Time for a ladies tea

Firdose Moonda: It's not often that something in cricket is done with ladies in mind
JULY 26, 2012

Always connected in the world of cricket

Firdose Moonda: It does not matter how small the world gets, it will never get smaller than cricket. Like a large, extended family, everyone knows everyone else, because they know somebody who knows the person they are meeting, somehow
JULY 24, 2012

The English crowd experience

Firdose Moonda: Generosity. It's not what you expect from a crowd that has paid to get something. But it is what The Oval crowd was all about
JULY 22, 2012

The colourful drive to Hambantota

Abhishek Purohit: Slight trepidation as I queue up in immigration at Mumbai airport for my first international flight. The bureaucratic expression of the officer turns into a broad smile as I answer 'cricket' to his question 'purpose of visit'
JULY 14, 2012

The Pakistan journalists go AWOL

Kanishkaa Balachandran: Not surprisingly, a question I was often asked, especially in the smaller towns like Hambantota, Galle and Kandy, was "are you from Pakistan?"
JULY 14, 2012

On to Canterbury after the trials of Taunton

Firdose Moonda: It was raining in Canterbury but the weather cleared sufficiently for both cricket and sightseeing - a tour of the magnificent cathedral
JULY 10, 2012

A South African touch to Somerset

Firdose Moonda: So this is it. The tour everyone wants to go on. The visit to the country that is the home of cricket which will culminate with a Test at ground known as the home of cricket
JULY 02, 2012

Riding the Queen of the Sea

Kanishkaa Balachandran: One of the better ways of travelling with the locals is to hop on a train. Having done the Galle-Colombo route several times by road, including the flashy new Southern Expressway, I decided it was time for a change
JUNE 15, 2012

The myths and realities of the Josephian Mafia

Kanishkaa Balachandran: Think of Sri Lankan school cricket rivalries, and the first thing that comes to mind is Royal-Thomian annual clash, now 133 years old. Another rivalry, though not as steeped in history, is the Battle of the Saints, between St Joseph's College and St Pete