Tim de Lisle

JANUARY 11, 2007

Raking over these Ashes

Tim de Lisle looks at the best and worst moments of the 2006-07 Ashes series
JANUARY 05, 2007

England's troubles turn to farce

History repeats itself, Marx said – the first time as tragedy, the second as farce
JANUARY 04, 2007

Where is Australia's fortress?

At the start of this series, there was much talk about Brisbane being Australia's fortress
JANUARY 02, 2007

Thx Fred

The pattern of a long series is seldom uniform – men who make double hundreds at the start often find ducks waiting for them at the end
DECEMBER 31, 2006

Some New Year resolutions

Got your New Year resolutions sorted
DECEMBER 28, 2006

Were England spineless?

There's an adjective we'll be seeing a lot of in the next day or two: spineless
DECEMBER 27, 2006

Not the same old story

There’s a headline on the BBC site today saying “Same old story”
DECEMBER 24, 2006

Goodbye Mr Clinical

You wait ages for a bogeyman’s retirement, then two come along at once
DECEMBER 21, 2006

Timing, Shane

We were expecting two retirements today, and we got them – but only one was expected
DECEMBER 20, 2006

The cry goes up again: pick Monty!

Tomorrow England announce a squad for the one-day series
DECEMBER 18, 2006

A touch too old but much too good

Australia have won the Ashes, at speed, in style, and quite deservedly
DECEMBER 16, 2006

Crushed by the stuff of folklore

At Brisbane, they were remorseless
DECEMBER 15, 2006

England get Perthed

It’s pretty flat in western Australia, but England can turn most surfaces into a rollercoaster
DECEMBER 14, 2006

Fletcher and Flintoff own up

Today two proud men finally admitted that they had made a mistake
DECEMBER 13, 2006

A tale of two puppies

Clarke and Bell are blondish right-handers who know what it is to be the great white hope of their country’s batting
DECEMBER 10, 2006

The fantasy of the balanced side

Both teams set out to play this Ashes series with a balanced side - five bowlers and five specialist batsmen
DECEMBER 05, 2006

England beaten by three phenomenal players

Well that was a rude awakening for England fans on a blustery morning – but what a scintillating performance by Australia
DECEMBER 04, 2006

What HAS happened at Adelaide

Today the Adelaide Test went from tortuous to worse
DECEMBER 02, 2006

When Warnie met Nemesis

Hubris, in tragedy, is followed inexorably by Nemesis – the goddess of retribution, whose job it is to take mortals down a peg
DECEMBER 01, 2006

Shocking selection, stolid batting

Until Duncan Fletcher came along in 1999, the England team had some powerful traditions