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Indian Cricket

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I can't see that there's going to be a tour to top the one in Australia any time soon, so this looks like a good place to stop

Indian Cricket

The Beginning of the End

Listening to Tendulkar declare that the CB series win counted as the greatest moment of his cricketing career, I felt dismayed, then scornful, and then just old


Ponting and the 1950s

The leeway traditionally granted to certain kinds of cricketing deception is threatened by the camera's unblinking gaze

Shock and Awe

In the second Test at Sydney, the two grand narratives of 21st century cricket, India's growing economic clout and Australia's cricketing hegemony, met like unsheathed live wires

Indian Cricket

Tendulkar's bid for immortality

The way Tendulkar is batting in Australia, that part will be his to play for years yet, at the end of which he might well stand on the pedestal that Bradman chose for him and which Cricket reserves for her most durable geniuses

Harbhajan, cont'd

A link to an analysis of the tumultuous events of the Sydney Test


We was robbed

The ICC should take a page out of tennis’ book and allow each team a fixed number of challenges so that they can appeal decisions that they think are plainly wrong


Ponting and the case against Harbhajan

The Symonds affair and the charge of racial abuse laid against Harbhajan Singh by Ricky Ponting could change the way in which international cricket is monitored and regulated