APRIL 02, 2011

Politicians create an inconvenient truth

Sharda Ugra: Here's the most definite 'learning' from this World Cup: lets keep the heads of government and state away from it
The semi-final was attended by two prime ministers; the final had two presidents in attendance © AFP
MARCH 27, 2011

The grandmother of all headaches

Sharda Ugra: News flash: The Indian and Pakistani cricketers are not having bun-fights over breakfast
MARCH 27, 2011

In the other camp

Firdose Moonda: Two South African journalists travelled on the diverted flight that went to Dhaka to fetch the New Zealand cricket team and carry them to Colombo
MARCH 24, 2011

Motera, trapped in a time warp

Sharda Ugra: If the World Cup is to be a roll call of some of India's leading venues across the country, then the ones lurking at the bottom of the pile should be Delhi (for administrative inefficiency) and Ahmedabad for a startling shabbiness
MARCH 13, 2011

March 16 - A day for the ages

John Mooney: The best 24 hours of my life – March 6 2011
MARCH 12, 2011

Jamtha: the fans' stadium

Sharda Ugra: There's something about Jamtha
MARCH 11, 2011

Nagpur is more than just oranges and cricket

Sharda Ugra: Nagpur gets a lot of bad press particularly when cricket comes to town – the stadium's too far, transport is over-priced, there aren't enough hotels around for an event the size of the World Cup, the restaurants are average, the bars are minimum
MARCH 10, 2011

Klusener's favourite knock

Firdose Moonda: Lance Klusener always preferred doing his talking with the bat
MARCH 09, 2011

The last revolutionary standing

Sidharth Monga: “We knew we were all going to die,” he says, casually.
MARCH 09, 2011

The Dutch go back to school

Nagraj Gollapudi: A polite request arrived from the ICC a couple of days ago: would I like to join Ryan ten Doeschate and Atse Buurman, the Netherlands’ players, on a visit to one of the government-run schools as part of a drive to encourage education through reading
MARCH 05, 2011

Fans' flowers can't mask the bigger picture

Sidharth Monga: As promised last night, hundreds of Bangladeshis gathered outside the team hotel in Dhaka on Saturday to apologise to the cricketers for the actions of some “fans” – for want of a better word
MARCH 05, 2011

Small-town South Africa in India

Firdose Moonda: This week was the first time that I travelled on a train
MARCH 04, 2011

The day Zarawani lost his head

Nagraj Gollapudi: Think Allan Donald
MARCH 03, 2011

A shakedown for cricket's la-di-dah community

Sharda Ugra: They didn't mean it
MARCH 02, 2011

Luxury in Bangalore with England in store

John Mooney: The opening game against Bangladesh last Friday was my 100th for Ireland in all competitions, and I should really have been celebrating a win
FEBRUARY 27, 2011

Not a day to go home early

Brydon Coverdale: Some decisions haunt you for a long while
FEBRUARY 26, 2011

Firefighting at the KSCA

Sharda Ugra: The Chinnaswamy Stadium, on the day before the World Cup, looked exactly like what most Indian grounds look like 24 hours before a big game
FEBRUARY 26, 2011

A light in Delhi's darkness

Firdose Moonda: It’s not often that a person’s name represents what they actually are
FEBRUARY 24, 2011

Hunting for New Zealand 1992

Sidharth Monga: We all have our favourite sport jerseys
FEBRUARY 24, 2011

A photo of Ken Meuleman in Nagpur?

Brydon Coverdale: Nagpur is a difficult place to work out