NOVEMBER 06, 2008

All hail Lord Snooty

Rob Steen: He may not have captured imaginations like Sachin, nor won as many games as Anil, nor enchanted as many purists as VVS, not erected as many walls as Rahul, but Sourav, more than anybody, has embodied the new India.
NOVEMBER 01, 2008

A one-sided coin

Rob Steen: The “winner-takes-all” concept may make for riveting entertainment, but it is not one that bears even a passing resemblance to fairness
OCTOBER 25, 2008

Play it again, Allen

Rob Steen: This could be the latest step on the road to winning back the love of these unbrotherly islands for a game that once defined them and, much more important, united them.
OCTOBER 14, 2008

In search of wisdom

Rob Steen: The current economic crisis assailing the wider world was born of short-termism and greed
OCTOBER 02, 2008

A tide in sore need of turning

Rob Steen: England needs spinners who spin rather than roll, who give it a real tweak, who put revolutions on the ball
SEPTEMBER 26, 2008

The sweet taste of humble pie

Rob Steen: If Durham land their first Championship pennant, Steve Harmison will be able to spend at least the next couple of months blowing enthusiastic raspberries in the general vicinity of the press box.
SEPTEMBER 16, 2008

Championing the cause

Rob Steen: Last week, glory be, the ECB, not always the fount of all wisdom, got something wonderfully right
SEPTEMBER 11, 2008

The pain of Dwayne

Rob Steen: The prospect of seeing Smith in England colours one day is by no means an unattractive one
SEPTEMBER 03, 2008

Of winners and nice guys

Rob Steen: Both Hick and Gough deserve our respect and gratitude
AUGUST 29, 2008

Stop shopping at Tresco

Rob Steen: Whether Kevin Pietersen’s powers of persuasion are extensive enough to compel a change of heart remains to be seen, but, for now, the prospect of translating domestic form to the international arena still appears to fill Trescothick with about as
AUGUST 20, 2008

Yes please, Prime Minister

Rob Steen: Labour won the 2005 General Election on the back of an Ashes triumph
AUGUST 03, 2008

Rob the Key to renewal

Rob Steen: The biggest factor in Robert Key’s favour is that he played no part whatsoever in the 2005 A****
JULY 24, 2008

New regime on Stats Island

Rob Steen: Averages have long held sway in the first-class fray, but the right and proper accent on economy- and strike-rates means that runs per innings and wicket are no longer sufficient as arbiters of quality
JULY 16, 2008

A tale of two pities

Rob Steen: By failing sundry drugs tests, Mohammad Asif was the one who actually broke some written rules, rather than merely ignored the urgings of a spiritual manifesto
JULY 11, 2008

In praise of quotas

Rob Steen: Without quotas, would one of the most successful fast bowlers of all time have ever scaled such heights, paving the way for a Cape Coloured and a grandson of Indians to follow?
JUNE 10, 2008

For the good of the game

Rob Steen: Test cricket should be added to the burgeoning heritage industry, as a living, breathing, vibrant slice of 21st-Century culture that also encompasses a sense of history
JUNE 02, 2008

Forgive H***** C*****? Not me

Rob Steen: In the background was a shot of a barely-occupied South African ground in the middle of a Test
MAY 31, 2008

Simon says – Aussies beware!

Rob Steen: If, come July and August, the fire of Messrs Steyn, Ntini and Nel is to be returned with anything approaching interest, the temptation to draft Jones and Flintoff back ahead of schedule may prove far too strong
MAY 08, 2008

The Spirit of Cricket 2008

Rob Steen: A Welshman is due to take over as president and a black South African as CEO
MAY 07, 2008

The Trouble With Freddie

Rob Steen: To pick Flintoff now would send out the wrong signal