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All hail Lord Snooty

He may not have captured imaginations like Sachin, nor won as many games as Anil, nor enchanted as many purists as VVS, not erected as many walls as Rahul, but Sourav, more than anybody, has embodied the new India.

Stanford Super Series

A one-sided coin

The “winner-takes-all” concept may make for riveting entertainment, but it is not one that bears even a passing resemblance to fairness

Play it again, Allen

This could be the latest step on the road to winning back the love of these unbrotherly islands for a game that once defined them and, much more important, united them.

The sweet taste of humble pie

If Durham land their first Championship pennant, Steve Harmison will be able to spend at least the next couple of months blowing enthusiastic raspberries in the general vicinity of the press box.

English cricket

Stop shopping at Tresco

Whether Kevin Pietersen’s powers of persuasion are extensive enough to compel a change of heart remains to be seen, but, for now, the prospect of translating domestic form to the international arena still appears to fill Trescothick with about as