MAY 05, 2010

A little like home

Ellyse Perry: After a long journey from Australia it’s been great to be in the Caribbean, it reminds me a lot of Australia all the beaches and sunshine, it’s a cool place.
APRIL 02, 2009

The pride of playing for New Zealand

Haidee Tiffen:   I had been thinking about retiring for a while and had spoken to my friends and family at Christmas about the thoughts of retiring
MARCH 20, 2009

A batting lesson from New Zealand

Urooj Mumtaz: We always knew that the World Cup was going to be a learning experience and if we needed a lesson in how to deliver one of the best batting performances of all time then we saw it on Thursday with Suzie Bates and Haidee Tiffen’s amazing 262-run
MARCH 19, 2009

World Cup final - here we come

Haidee Tiffen: What a game
MARCH 17, 2009

Another step towards the World Cup final

Haidee Tiffen: I have to say I am really proud of the way New Zealand bounced back from the defeat against England to beat India today
MARCH 15, 2009

Time to bring on the A-game

Haidee Tiffen: It was a disappointing loss against England and I have to say some poor fielding cost us
MARCH 15, 2009

We keep exceeding expectations

Urooj Mumtaz: The West Indies have done extremely well at this tournament so far, so to record a win over them was an extremely good effort and it was an excellent all-round display from the whole team
MARCH 11, 2009

Can we beat New Zealand?

Cri-Zelda Brits: It has been a disappointing start to the World Cup, losing our first two matches in what has been a frustrating tournament to date
MARCH 09, 2009

We have been waiting for years to beat Sri Lanka

Urooj Mumtaz: I promised to the people of Pakistan ahead of today’s game against Sri Lanka that we would bounce back and I don’t think anybody could have expected a better performance than the one we put in today
MARCH 08, 2009

Pulford's a star

Haidee Tiffen: Kate Pulford made her return to international cricket after six years
MARCH 07, 2009

A disappointing start to the World Cup

Urooj Mumtaz: It was a terribly disappointing day for us against India and not the start that we dreamed off when we headed to the ground this morning
MARCH 07, 2009

Gearing up for crunch game

Cri-Zelda Brits: As I am no longer captain, there is more time to focus on my game and relax, and I am determined to make some big scores during the tournament
MARCH 06, 2009

Playing my first World Cup

Urooj Mumtaz: It is great to be in Sydney and fantastic to have the support of my parents with me, who have both flown out from Karachi for the tournament
FEBRUARY 17, 2009

Moving on from a life of cricket

Nadine Geroge: It is nice to be stationary for a while and do not look forward to travelling the world and the region
JANUARY 23, 2009

Translating domestic bliss into international success

Haidee Tiffen: The Rose Bowl Series will be our first international outing in a year but it’s not like we haven’t played hard competitive cricket for 12 months
JANUARY 20, 2009

High stakes, high expectations

Mithali Raj: It has been quite an up-and-down year for the team as well as for me personally but now we need to regroup and look ahead to the World Cup in Australia
JANUARY 07, 2009

Game for 2009

Isobel Joyce:
DECEMBER 23, 2008

A very mixed 2008

Urooj Mumtaz: From the highs of qualifying for the ICC Women's World Cup and ICC World Twenty20, it has been frustrating not to continue that success
NOVEMBER 19, 2008

Bowling tips, autographs, and promoting diversity

Cri-Zelda Brits: The day tries to promote the fact that cricket is a game that can be enjoyed by everybody, regardless of their gender, age or ethnicity
OCTOBER 27, 2008

Touring Australia, and my time as captain

Mithali Raj: Captaincy was an eventful roller-coaster ride