Michael Jeh

JANUARY 23, 2012

George Bailey: charm and larrikin in one genuine package

The first time I met George Bailey, I had this premonition that he would one day captain Australia. And so it has come to pass
George's Bailey's impish smile and twinkling eyes convey a sense of irreverence that befits the shortest form of the game © Getty Images
JULY 25, 2011

The Hayden way

Matthew Hayden has come out of retirement to sign up with Brisbane Heat in the Big Bash League
JUNE 09, 2011

A Test XI with potential or proven ability?

Throughout his career, Simon Katich was a relatively low-key character
MARCH 30, 2011

End of the cricket season, end of an era

Ricky Ponting's retirement as captain marks the end of a golden era in Australian cricket, the likes of which I do not believe we will ever see again
MARCH 29, 2011

Can Australia's golden era ever be matched?

Ricky Ponting's retirement as captain marks the end of a golden era in Australian cricket, the likes of which I do not believe we will ever see again
MARCH 07, 2011

Spinning tracks are good for cricket

Every time a pitch on the subcontinent spins a bit, it apparently devalues the integrity of cricket
JANUARY 30, 2011

Cricket will need to adapt to cultural shift in Australia

At a time when Australian cricket is going through a bit of a soul-searching period, it is a good time to ask some questions about the long-term health (viability) of a sport like cricket in a country that, unlike the subcontinent, has many
JANUARY 23, 2011

Massages, ice baths, and you still get injured after a first-ball duck?

A month away from the start of the World Cup, with no clear favourite emerging and all squads announced, I'm throwing out the form book and looking at the list of 'support staff'
DECEMBER 28, 2010

Ponting fails his responsibility

Watching Ponting bat is one of the great pleasures in life
DECEMBER 21, 2010

Different strokes for different folks

When the Different Strokes blog was initially launched a few years ago, the brief was simple: provide perspectives from your corner of the globe; not propaganda or jingoism but opinions and views on cricket
DECEMBER 08, 2010

The use and abuse of UDRS

It's clear from the first two Ashes Tests that the UDRS is still a long way from being perfect
DECEMBER 05, 2010

Taxpayers' money must not fund academies

For a proud and successful sporting country, there's a national debate going on in Australia right now that almost resembles a post-mortem of sorts
NOVEMBER 29, 2010

Need for speed

The umpires just stand by and do very little to hasten proceedings
NOVEMBER 10, 2010

The devaluation of 50-plus averages

The last decade or so has fuelled a global desire for a higher standard of living that is less tolerant of what was deemed "acceptable" not so long ago
OCTOBER 31, 2010

Australia must take T20 cricket seriously

Can experiments go wrong or does the very notion of an experiment essentially mean that there is no right or wrong, merely the testing of a theory or method
OCTOBER 11, 2010

Fourth-innings blues

Most batsmen clearly find it easier to score more heavily in the third innings of a Test
OCTOBER 07, 2010

An attempt to understand second-innings stalwarts

In my most recent post , I 'fluked' the Laxman prediction and it opened up some dialogue that deserves a follow-up piece
OCTOBER 05, 2010

Laxman's second-innings average gives India hope

With a fascinating final day's cricket in prospect in Mohali, it will be hugely interesting to see if India can defy the law of averages and chase down this target of 216
AUGUST 31, 2010

How deep does the malaise run

I'm in the middle of a bad dream; Like Jekyll & Hyde, Romantic and Pragmatist share my cricketing soul whenever I think of anything to do with Pakistani cricket
AUGUST 22, 2010

What cricket can learn from golf

For a non-gifted sportsman like myself, frustratingly, golf and cricket seem to have diametrically opposed plans for me