Mike Holmans

JANUARY 20, 2012

Can England really be that bad again?

As Senna the Soothsayer used to say in Up Pompeii , “Woe, woe, and thrice woe!” Except that she was usually wrong, whereas it is the only sensible reaction to England's dismal performance in the first Test against Pakistan, in Dubai.
JANUARY 13, 2012

The importance of Tremlett's scare factor

Tim Bresnan's injury is a big problem for England in only one respect: they lose their mascot
JANUARY 05, 2012

England aim at unfamiliar heights in unfamiliar conditions

It looks like I picked the wrong time to come back to Test cricket
OCTOBER 24, 2011

Playing the long game

The India v England ODI series has seen the boot not just on the other foot, but planted firmly up England's backside
SEPTEMBER 26, 2011

Horrible batting, good outcricket

England have at last managed to lose a cricket match , and a good thing too: it was getting monotonous
SEPTEMBER 13, 2011

At last, Bopara and India perform

At last
AUGUST 06, 2011

The era of great bowlers is not over

For my birthday, my mother sent me a copy of “Not In My Day, Sir”, a collection of letters on cricket published in Britain's most traditional newspaper, the Daily Telegraph
JULY 26, 2011

A thank you letter

Dear Mr Strauss and Mr Dhoni,
JULY 10, 2011

Mission accomplished for Cook

Mission accomplished, and then some
JUNE 02, 2011

Hail Mahela

The best sort of cricket match to watch is one which your team wins and your favourite player on the other side gets a hundred or a five-for
MAY 31, 2011

An extraordinary Cardiff ending

Before play started on the fifth day at Cardiff, I was thinking what a prosaic Test match it had been
APRIL 17, 2011

Steven Finn - new and improved

I had hoped for more from my first live match of the season, but I didn't even get three days because I couldn't be bothered to trek up to the ground to watch Middlesex knock off 54 runs to win on the third morning
APRIL 04, 2011

Golden Goofs

Amid all the lists of top players, teams, innings and what have you of the World Cup, I haven't noticed any booby prizes being handed out, and that is a serious omission
MARCH 28, 2011

Six out of ten for England

At least they weren't embarrassing
MARCH 18, 2011

England win over West Indies a huge relief

When the going gets tough, the tough go shopping - so that's what I did.
MARCH 12, 2011

Anything but dull

The cricketing gods are merciless on those of us who pontificate about the game
FEBRUARY 17, 2011

Let's hope the World Cup doesn't kill ODIs

I know we are all supposed to be terribly excited about the World Cup, but I am having some difficulty summoning up the enthusiasm
JANUARY 10, 2011

The importance of coaches

The more I think about what went on in the Ashes, the more I appreciate what a brilliant job the England back-room crew did
JANUARY 01, 2011

The burden of expectation

The failures of Harmison and Johnson are not entirely their fault: we the public are partly to blame too, because we invest our hopes in them and expect too high a rate of return, and they go broke trying to meet the payments we demand.
DECEMBER 23, 2010

Dear Santa

Dear Santa,