APRIL 04, 2011

Golden Goofs

Mike Holmans: Amid all the lists of top players, teams, innings and what have you of the World Cup, I haven't noticed any booby prizes being handed out, and that is a serious omission
MARCH 30, 2011

End of the cricket season, end of an era

Michael Jeh: Ricky Ponting's retirement as captain marks the end of a golden era in Australian cricket, the likes of which I do not believe we will ever see again
MARCH 29, 2011

The ultimate cricket contest

Saad Shafqat: Both teams have their raw sporting assets, but everybody knows this is a contest that is going to be won or lost in the head
MARCH 29, 2011

Can Australia's golden era ever be matched?

Michael Jeh: Ricky Ponting's retirement as captain marks the end of a golden era in Australian cricket, the likes of which I do not believe we will ever see again
MARCH 28, 2011

Six out of ten for England

Mike Holmans: At least they weren't embarrassing
MARCH 18, 2011

England win over West Indies a huge relief

Mike Holmans: When the going gets tough, the tough go shopping - so that's what I did.
MARCH 12, 2011

Anything but dull

Mike Holmans: The cricketing gods are merciless on those of us who pontificate about the game
MARCH 07, 2011

Spinning tracks are good for cricket

Michael Jeh: Every time a pitch on the subcontinent spins a bit, it apparently devalues the integrity of cricket
FEBRUARY 17, 2011

Let's hope the World Cup doesn't kill ODIs

Mike Holmans: I know we are all supposed to be terribly excited about the World Cup, but I am having some difficulty summoning up the enthusiasm
JANUARY 30, 2011

Cricket will need to adapt to cultural shift in Australia

Michael Jeh: At a time when Australian cricket is going through a bit of a soul-searching period, it is a good time to ask some questions about the long-term health (viability) of a sport like cricket in a country that, unlike the subcontinent, has many
JANUARY 23, 2011

Massages, ice baths, and you still get injured after a first-ball duck?

Michael Jeh: A month away from the start of the World Cup, with no clear favourite emerging and all squads announced, I'm throwing out the form book and looking at the list of 'support staff'
JANUARY 10, 2011

The importance of coaches

Mike Holmans: The more I think about what went on in the Ashes, the more I appreciate what a brilliant job the England back-room crew did
JANUARY 01, 2011

The burden of expectation

Mike Holmans: The failures of Harmison and Johnson are not entirely their fault: we the public are partly to blame too, because we invest our hopes in them and expect too high a rate of return, and they go broke trying to meet the payments we demand.
DECEMBER 28, 2010

Ponting fails his responsibility

Michael Jeh: Watching Ponting bat is one of the great pleasures in life
DECEMBER 23, 2010

Dear Santa

Mike Holmans: Dear Santa,
DECEMBER 21, 2010

Different strokes for different folks

Michael Jeh: When the Different Strokes blog was initially launched a few years ago, the brief was simple: provide perspectives from your corner of the globe; not propaganda or jingoism but opinions and views on cricket
DECEMBER 09, 2010

The best win in years

Mike Holmans: Whatever else happens during these Ashes, Adelaide will provide a cherished reminiscence for years, even decades to come
DECEMBER 08, 2010

The use and abuse of UDRS

Michael Jeh: It's clear from the first two Ashes Tests that the UDRS is still a long way from being perfect
DECEMBER 05, 2010

When will I wake up?

Mike Holmans: Since the third morning at the Gabba, what one has woken up to, has been so surprising that it's hard to believe one is not still dreaming
DECEMBER 05, 2010

Taxpayers' money must not fund academies

Michael Jeh: For a proud and successful sporting country, there's a national debate going on in Australia right now that almost resembles a post-mortem of sorts