DECEMBER 17, 2014

Sixes galore

Bill Ricquier: The Sharjah Test highlighted the increased number of big hits in Test cricket
Brendon McCullum's Sharjah double had 11 sixes, just one short of the record © Getty Images
DECEMBER 08, 2014

One of our own

Reza Ali: A Pakistani fan pays tribute to Phillip Hughes
DECEMBER 02, 2014

On growing disenchanted with the game, and the bouncer

Santosh Vijaykumar: A fan on how his appetite for cricket and excitement at witnessing a good dose of short stuff at the Gabba this December waned once news of Phillip Hughes came in
NOVEMBER 30, 2014

Misbah, the unobtrusive hero

Bill Ricquier: Misbal-ul-Haq may not have the inventiveness of Javed Miandad or instantly-recognisable presence at the crease, like Inzaman-ul-Haq, but he is rock solid, an attribute valued highly in Test cricket
NOVEMBER 12, 2014

Technique is a myth

David Hinchliffe: Coaching is no longer about correcting technique. It's about helping the player find his or her best technique. Sometimes that means shutting up and letting the players work it out for themselves
NOVEMBER 05, 2014

The rules of a club cricket tour

Andy Ryan: A brief and light-hearted look at some of the trials and tribulations faced by club cricketers on tour
OCTOBER 27, 2014

An air of mistrust

Swaroop Mamidipudi: A little more conversation - between players, the board and the WIPA - could have averted the sorry end to the West Indies tour of India
OCTOBER 13, 2014

Relentless, resilient, responsible

MR Sharan: On Anil Kumble's birthday, a fond tribute to the man whose bowling always did just enough
OCTOBER 13, 2014

Do players have to be role models?

Biswa Patnaik: Does it really matter how a cricketer behaves on the field as long as he is great player?
OCTOBER 06, 2014

Saving Ajmal

Faraz Beg: Saeed Ajmal's remedial work doesn't end with the bent arm. It will extend to the mind, and his confidence levels
SEPTEMBER 23, 2014

The strange affair of the Indian gentleman

David Wardale: He came a long way to turn out for, and have a few beers with, the most wildly non-competitive cricket team in 'the Blighty'
SEPTEMBER 22, 2014

Notes on greatness

Amber Sinha: What makes a sportsman great and another merely very good is often a matter of the narratives built around them
SEPTEMBER 15, 2014

Don't get greedy Sri Lanka

Damith Samarakoon: A lesson for Sri Lankan Cricket from Breaking Bad - if it ain't broke, don't obsess over fixing it
SEPTEMBER 10, 2014

Cricket brings out raw emotions

Akshay Loomba: The majority of the crowd that booed Moeen Ali at Edgbaston did not have race or religion in their mind. But a smaller section did, and that should not be condoned
SEPTEMBER 08, 2014

Cricket - then, now, forever

Rudolph Lambert Fernandez: A lot has changed, some of it stays the same. Corporate, or classic - cricket continues to seduce
SEPTEMBER 01, 2014

Anderson or Trueman?

Bill Ricquier: Who is England's best bowler? The debate rages on
AUGUST 27, 2014

For the love of the game

Rasitha Herath: Stories of Arjuna, of Sanath, and of a third-world country recovering from war and trying to set its house in order
AUGUST 20, 2014

Me, my Bapi and Bangladesh cricket

Zeeshan Mahmud: A son recalls the highs that Bangladesh cricket gave him and his father
AUGUST 13, 2014

Caribbean cricket tipping overboard

Jamoz Senior: Players, selectors, captains and coaches aren't to blame for the systematic decline of West Indies cricket. The WICB is responsible
AUGUST 01, 2014

Is cricket losing to football?

Manish Dubey: Football was once considered the Commoner's game, cricket the Elite's. That has started to change, at least in the urban Indian city of Gurgaon