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Anindya Dutta

Steve Waugh raises his bat


The Run-Out XI

The most dangerous runners between the wickets in cricket history, all in one team

Amod Sugiyama

Members of the Shiga Kyoto Cricket Club


Growing up a lonely cricket fan in Japan

It was not always easy, but a worthy role model and the belated discovery of a cricket club helped keep a childhood passion alive and kicking

Nick Brown

Barmy Army trumpeter Billy Cooper entertains spectators and Geoff Boycott


Music to watch cricket by

Selecting a soundtrack for a long day at the cricket requires a ear for the rhythm of the game

Rahul Misra

Cheerleaders support Punjab at Eden Gardens

IPL 2017

Hating and loving the IPL

From planning to protest against the IPL to becoming fans of the league

Prakul Chandra

Young aspiring cricketers play on the lawns of India Gate

How do I explain cricket to my first-born?

Living in the US, far away from the beating heart of the game, a father wonders how he can get the next generation to fall in love with it

Samarth Shah

Sachin Tendulkar celebrates his hundred

The Stands

The dominator turns accumulator

Reliving the final day of Chennai 2008, when Sachin Tendulkar piloted a record-breaking chase against England

Anand Mamidipudi

A spectator reads a newspaper

Newspaper nostalgia

A fan takes us on his journey of watching cricket matches before the era of cable TV - through print

Kartikeya Kumar

Yuvraj Singh celebrates his hundred against Haryana

Ranji Trophy 2016-17

A Yuvraj special on Diwali

A lifelong fan watches his favourite cricketer reach a double-century