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Ravi Abhyankar

The coin used for the toss

Cricket rules

The Extra Over: making the day-nighter fairer

An "extra over" as an offsetting factor to the decision of choosing to bat or field... could this nullify the impact the toss has in day-night ODIs?

Ashish Paul

An office worker watches the World Cup final on TV


The cricket@work experience

A reader from India sends us his perspective of an office cricket tournament

Rahul Oak

Virender Sehwag and Sachin Tendulkar shared an unbroken 88-run stand


How I will always remember Sehwag

Four deliveries that summed up Sehwag's batting, and highlighted the difference between him and Tendulkar

Bill Ricquier

Brian Close in the firing line at Old Trafford

Brian Close 1931-2015

Close to steel

Brian Close was a player whose physical bravery was second to none

Joe Yates

Ben Stokes after scrambling back to make his crease

The spirit's in the laws

Why was the appeal for obstructing the field against Ben Stokes considered to be against the 'spirit of the game' when the laws permit it?

Ganesh Natarajan


A biology-inspired rain rule for T20s

While it is true that no mathematical system is 100% perfect when applied to limited-overs cricket, it is a pleasant surprise that one of biology's most well-known scaling relation could hold the key to T20 cricket's rain woes

Rodney Ulyate

Steven Finn was again denied his 100th Test wicket by a front-foot no-ball

The Investec Ashes 2015

Wicket off a no-ball? Not bad luck, mate

In a game of fine margins, isn't it wrong to assume that a delivery delivered from 21.8 yards would yield the same result as one delivered from 22.2 yards?