JANUARY 24, 2013

The city v small-town cricketer

Aakash Chopra: A few years ago, when I was still playing for Delhi, I saw a young Delhi batsman struggling against short-pitched deliveries in the nets
The likes of Munaf Patel have been able to break the barrier for small-town cricketers © AFP
JANUARY 15, 2013

Long way to go for Under-19 stars

Aakash Chopra: August 26, 2012 was a momentous day for Indian cricket - their Under-19 team had lifted the World Cup in Australia, beating the hosts in the final
JANUARY 03, 2013

Ranji venues asking for improvement

Aakash Chopra: Goa-Mumbai-Jammu looked slightly better on paper than our last arduous travel route starting from Guwahati via Kolkata and Mumbai to reach Goa
DECEMBER 19, 2012

Cricket's quirky rules that defy logic

Aakash Chopra: When GB Shaw said "the golden rule is that there are no golden rules", it made for marvellous lyrics
DECEMBER 04, 2012

Fast bowlers turning extinct in India

Aakash Chopra: So, what's in fashion this cricket season?
NOVEMBER 18, 2012

Ranji points system needs an overhaul

Aakash Chopra: The first round of the Ranji Trophy this season kicked off amid much fanfare
NOVEMBER 09, 2012

For the love of the game

Aakash Chopra: Memories of the majestic Armani Hotel in Dubai zip past my mind
OCTOBER 28, 2012

What's wrong with commercialising cricket?

Aakash Chopra: A journalist from a local news channel in Punjab recently questioned me about the growing commercialisation of Indian cricket
OCTOBER 23, 2012

A tepid start minus the stars

Aakash Chopra: In many ways this is a unique first-class season in India
OCTOBER 16, 2012

The cricketer's endless quest for honour

Aakash Chopra: George Bernard Shaw once famously remarked that when he was young, he realised that nine out of ten things he did were failures
FEBRUARY 28, 2011

Does being prolific in domestic cricket matter?

Aakash Chopra: Is thriving in domestic cricket, scoring tons, and excelling in the longer format any good, after all
FEBRUARY 21, 2011

Is preparing sporting tracks so difficult?

Aakash Chopra: "When you play in the semi-finals of a premier tournament like the Ranji Trophy, you want it to be played on a much better surface, not one that makes it a lottery"
FEBRUARY 14, 2011

Implement Ranji format for the shorter versions

Aakash Chopra: The BCCI did well for Indian domestic cricket when they decided to scrap the redundant Ranji format of teams from a particular zone playing among themselves, before the top two could proceed to the knockouts
FEBRUARY 07, 2011

The Duleep Trophy needs a revamp

Aakash Chopra: Fresh from the Ranji games and straight in to the Duleep Trophy, one can't help but marvel at the latter's standard and the quality of cricket on display
JANUARY 31, 2011

Domestic cricket needs the Kookaburra

Aakash Chopra: It isn't just the level of competition being several notches up that separates Duleep Trophy games from regular domestic cricket
JANUARY 24, 2011

Central's resources trump East's resolve

Aakash Chopra: We, Central Zone, had the resources
JANUARY 16, 2011

Local players made the difference

Aakash Chopra: While the feeling is yet to sink in completely, the big question has already popped up
JANUARY 11, 2011

Why Rajasthan got past Tamil Nadu

Aakash Chopra: Was it Rajasthan's deep desire to win the semi-final against Tamil Nadu that turned the tables, or was it the latter's lack of caution that cost them the game
JANUARY 04, 2011

Third day's the charm

Aakash Chopra: The third day, in my opinion, is usually the most important day of a four- or five-day game
DECEMBER 31, 2010

The anonymous world of net bowlers

Aakash Chopra: It's always the guy from outside, who's smart enough to understand that bowling in the nets is only tiring and not rewarding, who makes the cut