MARCH 24, 2015

We need crocodile pits at the boundary

Andy Zaltzman: And other lessons learned from the quarter-finals, including the fact that the waist is a philosophical concept
"Run Forrest run! The rest of you, watch your feet" © ICC
MARCH 18, 2015

Hold back your best player

Andy Zaltzman: Selectorial wizardry and logic decoded
MARCH 10, 2015

Don't walk

Andy Zaltzman: It's a World Cup, for crying out loud
MARCH 03, 2015

England will not win a World Cup in a year beginning with 2

Andy Zaltzman: And other lessons from the World Cup so far, y'all
FEBRUARY 24, 2015

The World Cup is too long (or not)

Andy Zaltzman: Listen up, children. Also: full swinging deliveries still work
FEBRUARY 17, 2015

A mix-up with Kohli is a good omen

Andy Zaltzman: What we have learned so far in this World Cup
FEBRUARY 15, 2015

World Cup-ending throat restrictions and political squabblings

Andy Zaltzman: Part two of our World Cup Achilles heel report explains why South Africa are in the wrong hemisphere and why UAE are better off building skyscrapers
FEBRUARY 13, 2015

The World Cup Achilles heel report

Andy Zaltzman: A look at potential banana peels for some teams, with specific instructions for paramedics and physios
FEBRUARY 04, 2015

What's in a rematch?

Andy Zaltzman: Why group-stage head-to-heads are a big deal when it comes to the knockouts. Or not
JANUARY 28, 2015

The World Cup's least memorable moments

Andy Zaltzman: In part one, we remember an inconsequential eighth-wicket stand of 23
JANUARY 21, 2015

An intriguing World Cup stat, and proof that de Villiers can bat

Andy Zaltzman: Did you know that if you bowl economically, you won't win the World Cup?
JANUARY 15, 2015

England's 1% chance of winning the World Cup

Andy Zaltzman: Plus, mind-boggling stats from the Australia-India series
SEPTEMBER 17, 2014

Why England must fear the Scottish referendum

Andy Zaltzman: Plus, Hillary-Norgay's previously undocumented Everest cricketing duel
SEPTEMBER 09, 2014

What's the verdict on Cook and England? Take the quiz

Andy Zaltzman: The Annual End-Of-The-English-International-Summer Confectionery Stall Multiple-Choice Quiz
AUGUST 20, 2014

India don't need to succeed in Tests

Andy Zaltzman: What are India likely to do to rectify their batting horrors? Frown, and let it pass
AUGUST 12, 2014

India's thesaurus-meltingly bad showing

Andy Zaltzman: The idiotically compressed schedule seems to be affecting India's batsmen more than either side's bowlers
AUGUST 05, 2014

The greatest stats quiz ever

Andy Zaltzman: Answer these questions on Moeen the Mendacious, Gary the Gumptious, and Southampton the Specious to win an imaginary prize
AUGUST 02, 2014

Lose a Test in seven easy steps

Andy Zaltzman: From their Lord's awesomeness to their Southampton awfulness, India show you how
JULY 22, 2014

One of England's stupidest quarter-hour brainmelts

Andy Zaltzman: At Lord's they began poorly, ended pitifully, and were fitful in between. And don't even start on their body language
JULY 15, 2014

Dull match, lovely stats

Andy Zaltzman: So what if Trent Bridge was a snoozefest? We've got all these numbers, haven't we?