Andy Zaltzman

NOVEMBER 26, 2013

How growing a moustache can improve your all-round skills

A review of the first Ashes Test reveals startling facts about the weather and facial hair
"Look, the ghosts of Australia's Ashes past are finally cracking a smile" © Getty Images
NOVEMBER 20, 2013

The Official Confectionery Stall Ashes Preview

Andy Zaltzman provides the almost-definite preview of the Ashes series and why England should, could, or might not retain the urn
NOVEMBER 19, 2013

The year 1AT begins

The one-man encyclopaedia of stats is gone, but his numbers are now footnotes in history along with West Indies' awful ones from this series
NOVEMBER 05, 2013

What if Sachin pulls a hamstring in Kolkata?

The Confectionery Stall's advanced-level cricket examination goes boldly where no cricket quiz has done
OCTOBER 24, 2013

Time for a declaration treaty (and, no, I wasn't asleep on TV)

South Africa's remorseless progress towards complete domination, and the lack of a contest, made for tough viewing but I managed to stay awake
OCTOBER 23, 2013

The experience of Switzerland-like neutrality in Dubai

The curious case of watching cricket as a neutral observer in Dubai, one of the world's odder places
OCTOBER 07, 2013

One-off saucepan sizzlers

Part two of the flash-in-the-pan XI features bowlers who rattled the opposition once and then went off to lead a peaceful, non-violent existence
OCTOBER 01, 2013

The All-time Flash-in-the-Pan XI

Players who burned bright briefly? Here you go
SEPTEMBER 26, 2013

Things to live for over the next few months

The Ashes are over, but dry your tears, there's oodles of fantastic cricket to come
SEPTEMBER 05, 2013

The unsung micro-Botham

In this Ashes series, Tim Bresnan was statistically unspectacular but impactful
AUGUST 26, 2013

The interactive Ashes review

Multiple-choice answers let you decide who takes what from the series
AUGUST 20, 2013

Ashes stats for any time and everywhere

On the train, under water, while chewing your food or sloganeering, these milestone numbers for the Oval Test won't let you down
AUGUST 14, 2013

The narrow thrashing of Australia

In which Ian Bell goes solo the way Wally Hammond did back in 1928-29
AUGUST 09, 2013

Can Australia defy the history of third Tests of the Ashes?

Or will they be squashed like bugs by the weight of the past and by England, who they squashed mercilessly all these years?
AUGUST 06, 2013

Hurry up, please, it's time

Why has cricket got so snail-pleasingly slow in recent years?
AUGUST 01, 2013

Australia in danger of breaking their 1979 record

How many more players will they use in sinking to an all-new low in 2013?
JULY 29, 2013

Seven straws for Australia to clutch at

They go to Old Trafford down two Tests, but not everything is gloomy. Like, how their heads aren't messed up by that sexy siren called Success
JULY 23, 2013

Should have been Bell, not Root

A case for a different Man of the Match for the Lord's Test, and musings on whether Australia are the new West Indies
JULY 16, 2013

A Test that enveloped the soul

With sinuous curves and shuddering jolts, no less. And lest we forget: all hail Ashton Agar
JULY 10, 2013

England to win (unless Australia do)

The official, unequivocal Confectionery Stall Ashes prediction looks at ten key factors in the series

Andy Zaltzman
Andy Zaltzman was born in obscurity in 1974. He has been a sporadically-acclaimed stand-up comedian since 1999, and has appeared regularly on BBC Radio 4. He is currently one half of TimesOnline's hit satirical podcast The Bugle, alongside John Oliver. Zaltzman's love of cricket outshone his aptitude for the game by a humiliating margin. He once scored 6 in 75 minutes in an Under-15 match, and failed to hit a six between the ages of 9 and 23. He would have been ideally suited to Tests, had not a congenital defect left him unable to play the game to anything above genuine village standard. He writes the Confectionery Stall blog on Cricinfo.

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