Andy Zaltzman

JULY 15, 2014

Dull match, lovely stats

So what if Trent Bridge was a snoozefest? We've got all these numbers, haven't we?
They did it for the love of stats © Getty Images
JULY 08, 2014

All about Alastair

Cook averages much more against spin than he does against pace. Whatever could it mean?
JULY 01, 2014

Stats gems you couldn't unearth even if you made them up

We bring you super numbers from England and the Caribbean, and two that feature Alok Kapali
JUNE 25, 2014

A spellbinding micro-series culminating in a marvellous pile-on

Did England underestimate Sri Lanka's pace attack, or did the Sri Lankans bowl out of their skins?
JUNE 17, 2014

How to solve the over-rate problem

Enough of the dawdling. It's time to make 15 overs an hour mandatory
JUNE 10, 2014

An emotional jigsaw puzzle on an unlicensed roller-coaster

It's all up in the air for England selection-wise, goody
JUNE 03, 2014

Pick Buttler already

Should he be in England's Test side? Should he not? How do you tell if a player is "ready"? Damn it all and pencil him in
MAY 20, 2014

Oi crooks, go corrupt something else

It's just disgustingly lazy to fix something as easy as cricket
MAY 13, 2014

Why Dhoni hates No. 7 and Swann hates No. 8

Otherwise known as part two of the Curiously Disappointing in a Particular Batting Position Test XI
MAY 06, 2014

The Curiously Disappointing in a Particular Batting Position Test XI

Otherwise good batsmen who had unaccountable dips in form when they moved to a different spot in the batting order
APRIL 29, 2014

The origins of sledging unearthed

A masterly quiz that tells you just why military medium is called what it is, and offers alternative names for IPL franchises
APRIL 08, 2014

Malinga's secret ingredient, the meaning of life, and why the rain stopped

All the burning questions from the World T20, accorded the respect they deserve
APRIL 01, 2014

England's anti-aplomb, and New Zealand's touching tribute

One brought life to a dead rubber, the other gave a lesson in how not to play spin
MARCH 25, 2014

A Molotov cocktail of brilliance and bloopers

In other words, the World T20 in all its glory
MARCH 18, 2014

Who will win a fight between cricket and an elephant?

This and other imponderables answered in this special World T20-themed q&a
MARCH 11, 2014

The All-time Greatest Ancient Debutants XI

A team comprised of competent old codgers, a rant about time-wasting, a Newlands post-mortem - go on, you know you've been waiting for this
MARCH 04, 2014

Graeme Smith: Frankenstein's Kirsten

His technique would make a spider on skates look elegant, but how dangerous was he when it came to high-pressure chases?
FEBRUARY 28, 2014

The cuddly-bear mystery and other stories

Whatever was Dale Steyn referring to when he spoke of those beasts? All will be revealed here
FEBRUARY 18, 2014

Mitchell mayhem, and a Wellington Vesuvius

A refreshing dip in the numerical magma chamber of the second New Zealand-India Test, and more
FEBRUARY 11, 2014

You can't sack 42% of a player

Which is why England had to fire Kevin Pietersen completely. And renounce his reintegration to the side in 2012