JUNE 06, 2013

Bigger, better: ESPNcricinfo's new iPhone app

Sambit Bal: In keeping with the idiom of change in the digital world, our new iPhone app is here and it is designed to give you a better user-experience with more functionalities
A screenshot of ESPNcricinfo's new iPhone app © ESPNcricinfo Ltd
MAY 19, 2013

Comments on fixing stories

Sambit Bal: We haven't invited readers' views on the latest spot-fixing scandal because of libel issues
MARCH 26, 2013

The importance of risking failure

Sambit Bal: A Day With Dravid was not all it could have been, but glitches are best looked at as building blocks rather than setbacks
MARCH 01, 2013

Presenting The Cordon

Sambit Bal: Announcing a new section on the site: voices from outside the press box
JANUARY 27, 2013

Soul Man

Sambit Bal: Obituaries are hopelessly inadequate in a way. Frank Keating will never know what I owe him. I never got to know him well enough to tell him, but when I heard about his death on Friday evening it felt personal
NOVEMBER 07, 2012

Choose your ESPNcricinfo homepage

Sambit Bal: We will not pretend this is a dazzling innovation. Even though ESPNcricinfo has run multiple homepages for years now, you have not had the option of choosing which one to set as your default
SEPTEMBER 02, 2012

A question of cricket

Sambit Bal: Introducing our latest series, The Jury's Out, which is a highly subjective exploration of the beautiful facets in the game of cricket
NOVEMBER 13, 2011

Remembering Roebuck

Sambit Bal: Peter Roebuck's judgements were based not merely on the keenest understanding of the game but on a wider understanding of society, history and human behaviour, and his ability to connect the dots
JULY 25, 2011

Record crowd for record Lord's Test

Sambit Bal: Never has a Monday morning at the ground been so busy, so urgent and so alive. Not even the prospect of a first Ashes victory in 75 years brought so many people to the ground in 2009
MAY 31, 2011

Talking legspin with TJ

Sambit Bal: If you like cricket, you had to like Terry Jenner. And if you love legspin you had to absolutely adore him. No one spoke more eloquently, knowledgeably, and passionately about legspin than him
MARCH 15, 2011

A forgotten anniversary

Sambit Bal: While the senses are riveted on the World Cup, the 10th anniversary of a landmark day in Indian cricket - the famous Kolkata stand between Laxman and Dravid - has gone unheralded, unacknowledged even
MARCH 03, 2011

The joys of watching cricket on HD

Sambit Bal: Ireland and Kevin O'Brien provided the World Cup its most joyous day yet, and while I would have loved to be at the ground, I had the next best viewing option available
FEBRUARY 14, 2011

Introducing ESPNcricinfo's iPhone app

Sambit Bal: As a long-time sucker for Apple's temptations, I have been waiting for this one with childlike anticipation. And now that it is on my phone, I can say, hand on heart, that ESPNcricinfo's iPhone app is a thing of beauty
DECEMBER 19, 2010

Evolving Tendulkar remains India's best

Sambit Bal: When you next hear Tendulkar talk about wanting to get better, he is not merely dishing out a quote
NOVEMBER 27, 2010

The bigger picture

Sambit Bal: I am sure you haven't failed to notice the steady increase in video content on the site. We are committed to exploiting the inclusiveness of our medium and present to our readers any additional options for consuming our content
NOVEMBER 24, 2010

Beyond boundaries

Sambit Bal: At ESPNcricinfo we are always trying to expand our range. And the latest addition is a travel section that will allow you to explore the host countries before the World Cup begins
OCTOBER 26, 2010

The best of the best

Sambit Bal: While it can be argued that picking fantasy XIs are ultimately exercises in futility, they also serve the worthiest of causes
OCTOBER 13, 2010

New Facebook functionality for ESPNcricinfo

Sambit Bal: Now, if you've already liked a certain individual on ESPNcricinfo.com, you'll receive any related stories which are published on the site - straight to your Facebook wall. It includes a summary of the story and a link
AUGUST 21, 2010

Spirit now and spirit then

Sambit Bal: For those still mulling over the spirit of the cricket and the severity of Suraj Randiv's crime in denying Virender Sehwag a hundred, here's a little story narrated with glee by Bishen Singh Bedi during his memorial lecture for the late Dilip
AUGUST 18, 2010

Out of proportion

Sambit Bal: I wonder if I am desperately out of sync with this but I am quite bemused by the colour Suraj Randiv's century-denying no-ball to Virender Sehwag has acquired