JUNE 21, 2010

A new look for Cricinfo blogs

Sambit Bal: Not only does the blogs section now look better integrated with the rest of the site, we also believe it is more reader-friendly
JUNE 12, 2010

Football, the occasional mistress

Sambit Bal: Cricket is an enduring romance for me, but once every four years, when the World Cup comes around, I submit to the illicit pleasures of football
FEBRUARY 26, 2010

Tendulkar breaks Cricinfo records

Sambit Bal: Sachin Tendulkar's record-breaking didn't stop on the field on February 24. He shattered many on Cricinfo. We recorded 45 million page views that day, and our highest number of unique users in India and the United States
FEBRUARY 08, 2010

Hawk-Eye at your fingertips

Sambit Bal: Hawk-Eye, the ball-tracking technology that ensured that umpiring in cricket matches was never the same, has now been fully integrated into our live match coverage
JANUARY 15, 2010

Why Ponting was voted Player of the Decade

Sambit Bal: We asked the jury to choose on the basis of quality of their performances, consistency and durability, contribution to their team's overall performance, and the impact they had had on the game on the whole
NOVEMBER 14, 2009

The human superstar

Sambit Bal: Throughout his life Sachin Tendulkar has worn his celebrity lightly. He could have hardly been unaware of it yet somehow he has managed to stay impervious to it
OCTOBER 16, 2009

An honourable man who deserves better

Sambit Bal: Younis is a rare kind in an age of PR-savvy, media-trained, brand-conscious and commercially minded cricketers
SEPTEMBER 28, 2009

Lucky to be in Centurion

Sambit Bal: The Wanderers feels imposing, ceremonial and stifling; and the SuperSport Park informal and welcoming
SEPTEMBER 01, 2009

Which way should one-day cricket go?

Sambit Bal: I'd start with not reducing overs, but matches. What one-day cricket lacks the most at the moment is meaning and context. That's the subject for a bigger piece
AUGUST 29, 2009

Let's talk about Aravinda

Sambit Bal: He finished with an average of 42.97 from 93 Tests. It felt right. De Silva was a good batsman who played some great innings. He could have scored more runs, but he played too many strokes for his own good
AUGUST 28, 2009

How good is Samaraweera?

Sambit Bal: Thilan Samaraweera has taken his batting average to over 50, the magic number that used to confer greatness on Test batsmen, but is he a great?
AUGUST 10, 2009

Ponting's was the innings that mattered

Sambit Bal: Marcus North was Man of the Match for his second hundred of the series, and even Stuart Broad and Graeme Swann nearly scored as many but, for me, Ricky Ponting's was the innings of the match
AUGUST 05, 2009

If I ever have a conversation with Warne...

Sambit Bal: I'd ask him whether he ever used the knowledge that Hooper's eyes widened and his stare grew a bit harder if he wanted to step down to the spinner
AUGUST 03, 2009

The joy of twinkling Clarke

Sambit Bal: I can't take my eyes off him, when he is batting against spinners. There is something about batsmen who use their feet, and the contest between a courageous spinner and a courageous batsman
JUNE 19, 2009

Embracing the new Cricinfo

Sambit Bal: We've been listening to your feedback on our new site design and are working on your recommendations
APRIL 27, 2009

Golden oldies in the IPL, and Page 2

Sambit Bal: Some recommended reading on ESPNcricinfo over the past week
APRIL 16, 2009

Harbhajan and Symonds are now team-mates

Sambit Bal: Introducing ESPNcricinfo's Page 2, a space where entertainment is the sole objective
APRIL 13, 2009

Tales of an Afghan, the Basin, and a poet

Sambit Bal: Some recommended reading on ESPNcricinfo over the past weeke
APRIL 10, 2009

Fan's eye view of IPL

Sambit Bal: Here's another plan to make you part of Cricinfo
APRIL 06, 2009

The heart of the matter

Sambit Bal: And here's what you ought to have read on Cricinfo last week.