OCTOBER 18, 2014

The adventures of Captain Cool and Angry Boy

Andrew Hughes: In which they take on a dangerous mission to rescue the BCCI from penury
"Hold the door open for you? I'd rather spend three months in England without my girlfriend" © AFP
OCTOBER 15, 2014

The Kevin Pietersen I've never met

Andrew Hughes: A random selection of the world's most prominent personages give us their ten cents worth
OCTOBER 11, 2014

A search-and-cajole mission

Andrew Hughes: In which detectives Tuk Tuk and Boom Boom go to find a miffed colleague
OCTOBER 08, 2014

Earth-shaking extracts

Andrew Hughes: Exclusive snippets from the book you're all dying to read
OCTOBER 04, 2014

Boom-Boom and gang pulled up for lazyitis

Andrew Hughes: Detective Tuk-Tuk cracks the whip on the gluttons
OCTOBER 01, 2014

Escape from St Thrower's

Andrew Hughes: In part two of our hospital drama, two chuckers try to trick the doctor
SEPTEMBER 27, 2014

A history lesson with David Lloyd

Andrew Hughes: Why cricket is all about manning up, children
SEPTEMBER 24, 2014

A fable of West Indian cricket

Andrew Hughes: In which WIPA and WICB kiss and make up and live to fight another day
SEPTEMBER 20, 2014

Operation: Extraction Ajmal

Andrew Hughes: In episode two of Tuk-Tuk and Boom-Boom, Lahore PD, a cunning plot is hatched
SEPTEMBER 16, 2014

The great British moan-off (feat Shoaib)

Andrew Hughes: An all-star cast of whingers face-off, to impress Boycs and Athers
SEPTEMBER 13, 2014

Only when I bowl the doosra!

Andrew Hughes: Saeed Ajmal goes to the doctor after coming down with a nasty case of the chucks
SEPTEMBER 10, 2014

More exclusive earth-shaking excerpts

Andrew Hughes: It's the book you can't wait to read. It's the book we've got a sneak peek of
SEPTEMBER 06, 2014

A shocking book about English cricket

Andrew Hughes: How did they lose the last Ashes? It's all explained in this corker
SEPTEMBER 03, 2014

Tuk-Tuk and Boom-Boom, Lahore PD

Andrew Hughes: Two ace detectives go in to handle a hostage situation
AUGUST 30, 2014

Is it harsh to hurl feline-related insults at England?

Andrew Hughes: Or is Alastair Cook being a bit catty?
AUGUST 27, 2014

Was Michael Vaughan right?

Andrew Hughes: We'll find out next year. Sadly, all signs point to yes
AUGUST 23, 2014

India's new tall, shouty envisioneer

Andrew Hughes: Who will be completing Duncan Fletcher's sentences and performing complicated surgeries on the players
AUGUST 20, 2014

Time for a refund?

Andrew Hughes: Two middleweight boxers faced off. After two rounds, one chose to stop fighting
AUGUST 16, 2014

Cook's greatest hits

Andrew Hughes: Starring Colossus Buttler and Sir Don Carberry
AUGUST 13, 2014

Words cricket needs to ban

Andrew Hughes: We can start with the hideous Moeenalitharan