MARCH 25, 2015

Come now, Mr Faulkner

Andrew Hughes: The Australian allrounder would have us believe sledging is inevitable. Is it?
"Get your snowshoes on, Davey, this is going to get ugly" © AFP
MARCH 18, 2015

Do you want to listen to umpires chat?

Andrew Hughes: What's so interesting about two middle-aged men discussing how to operate a remote?
MARCH 14, 2015

An exercise in ruthless snubbery

Andrew Hughes: The ECB could take a few tips from the IPL
MARCH 11, 2015

England are out. So?

Andrew Hughes: Why the gloom and serious tone?
MARCH 07, 2015

Cameron for prez

Andrew Hughes: Vote for the man who'll ensure West Indian player strikes never go out of style
MARCH 04, 2015

The World Cup of national anthems

Andrew Hughes: Where the champion will be a minnow
FEBRUARY 28, 2015

How to wind up cricket's purists

Andrew Hughes: Just ask the ECB's new helmsman
FEBRUARY 25, 2015

Don't support your national team

Andrew Hughes: It will only cause your blood pressure to rise
FEBRUARY 21, 2015

Dark days ahead for the World Cup

Andrew Hughes: What else could the umpiring hand signal fiasco indicate?
FEBRUARY 18, 2015

Stop the World Cup, I want to get off

Andrew Hughes: It has been a perfect tournament. Time to quit while everyone's ahead
FEBRUARY 14, 2015

How maths has ruined one-day cricket

Andrew Hughes: Does any normal person understand the D/L method? Why not replace it with a coin toss?
FEBRUARY 11, 2015

Why 50-over cricket is like the banking crisis

Andrew Hughes: It's a bunch of numbers and restrictions, and no one has a clue what's going on
FEBRUARY 07, 2015

The World Cup all-star commentary line-up

Andrew Hughes: Starring a giant fast bowler and a divisive South African Englishman
FEBRUARY 03, 2015

Enough with the ghosts, New Zealand

Andrew Hughes: How low will a country sink to get an advantage at the World Cup?
JANUARY 31, 2015

The best way to promote cricket

Andrew Hughes: Cricketers, please get on social media and voice your ignorant opinions. That will get you noticed by millions
JANUARY 27, 2015

All about KP's new tattoo

Andrew Hughes: And why teams ought not to be allowed to spend on players as they like
JANUARY 24, 2015

The ICC's World Cup behavioural regulations revealed

Andrew Hughes: You could get to throw rotten fruit at abusive players
JANUARY 21, 2015

The tale of Davey Warner and the mythical line

Andrew Hughes: We all know there is a line that must not be crossed, but where is it, who drew it, and did they use a ruler?
JANUARY 17, 2015

An efficient WICB is simply boring

Andrew Hughes: What would we do without their incompetence livening up our existence?
JANUARY 14, 2015

Why tradition is all-important in cricket

Andrew Hughes: Why county cricket, verbal abuse and threats of physical violence are what our game is all about