Andrew Hughes

DECEMBER 20, 2014

The decline in Indian cricket news

Excessive legalese to blame
"It has come to the board's attention that readers of Indian cricket news are gaining an education in law, free of charge" © AFP
DECEMBER 17, 2014

How to choose an England captain

If there is no genius strain in him, check his school creds
DECEMBER 13, 2014

The DRS' in-built safety mechanism

Which protects humans from being enslaved by machines
DECEMBER 10, 2014

Inside the ICC's Limb Re-education Unit

Film released on top-secret establishment
DECEMBER 06, 2014

The worst professional cricket team in the world

A hilarious defeat that included a carefully constructed collapse, a pseudo recovery, and some blaming of the pitch
DECEMBER 03, 2014

The best time to be an English cricket fan

Is now, with the news that the choicest domestic cricket is back on free-to-air TV
NOVEMBER 29, 2014

What's the solution to illegal bowling?

The answer lies in urinating in a cup
NOVEMBER 26, 2014

Coach-speak: a crime against humanity

You can tolerate players' incoherent babbling but when coaches start giving explanations, it's time to run
NOVEMBER 22, 2014

A post-mortem of England's 2015 World Cup campaign

You've read enough previews and moaning, why not just skip right to the operational bits?
NOVEMBER 19, 2014

England's World Cup chances

Ask Miley Cyrus about them, why don't you?
NOVEMBER 15, 2014

A new, revolutionary selection method

The Sanath will end all debates about faulty team-picking
NOVEMBER 12, 2014

Why we need the lousy FTP

The answer lies in why democracy is preferable to dictatorship
NOVEMBER 08, 2014

Tough Pup meets some top dogs

And learns Russian bone-shattering techniques and the importance of avoiding demeaning stereotypes
NOVEMBER 05, 2014

Is Tuk Tuk the new Boom Boom?

The continuing adventures of our favourite two Pakistani detectives
NOVEMBER 01, 2014

Why Marlon changed his tune

It's obvious, isn't it? Not really
OCTOBER 29, 2014

Angry Boy to rescue BCCI's ad revenues

Captain Cool's sidekick is taking the India-Sri Lanka series very seriously
OCTOBER 25, 2014

The Outlaw Jesse Ryder

In which Wild Abe de Villiers and his vile gang get their just desserts. Or maybe not
OCTOBER 22, 2014

An infiltrator in the West Indies proletariat

The on-strike players find the enemy is within
OCTOBER 18, 2014

The adventures of Captain Cool and Angry Boy

In which they take on a dangerous mission to rescue the BCCI from penury
OCTOBER 15, 2014

The Kevin Pietersen I've never met

A random selection of the world's most prominent personages give us their ten cents worth