Andrew Hughes

AUGUST 30, 2014

Is it harsh to hurl feline-related insults at England?

Or is Alastair Cook being a bit catty?
"Wait, till we win the World Cup. Then the cat will get your tongue" © Getty Images
AUGUST 27, 2014

Was Michael Vaughan right?

We'll find out next year. Sadly, all signs point to yes
AUGUST 23, 2014

India's new tall, shouty envisioneer

Who will be completing Duncan Fletcher's sentences and performing complicated surgeries on the players
AUGUST 20, 2014

Time for a refund?

Two middleweight boxers faced off. After two rounds, one chose to stop fighting
AUGUST 16, 2014

Cook's greatest hits

Starring Colossus Buttler and Sir Don Carberry
AUGUST 13, 2014

Words cricket needs to ban

We can start with the hideous Moeenalitharan
AUGUST 09, 2014

The ECB's pamphlet for professional sledgers

The bottom line is: stuff happens
AUGUST 06, 2014

Cricket's great video game

It's called PCB Chairman 2014 and it's addictive
AUGUST 02, 2014

When Mr Angry met Mr Glum

They lived happily ever after, swearing and shouting at everyone who crossed their paths
JULY 30, 2014

Why we need Cook to succeed

Because there is no one else who can captain this England side
JULY 26, 2014

The battle for Ageas

Where Alastairmemnon draws up a plan to surprise nobody
JULY 23, 2014

The reason for England's loss? T20, of course

In this day and age no one appreciates the art of ducking against a short ball
JULY 19, 2014

The ECB needs you (or maybe not)

The English cricket board is hiring. Here are the leading contenders so far
JULY 17, 2014

The England v India Twitter war

Also known as the latest issuing of bile from cricket's angry glands
JULY 12, 2014

Why not to judge a pitch on day one

You could have egg on your face in no time
JULY 09, 2014

Beware Shakib

If your children don't go to sleep, he will get them
JULY 05, 2014

The Sharapova lesson

Cricket is a minor league sport and apparently content to remain so
JULY 02, 2014

Lessons from ancient Pompeii

And why we need to give the pink ball a chance
JUNE 28, 2014

How well do you know current cricket?

Are you abreast of developments in cricket? Take the Long Handle test
JUNE 25, 2014

How do you solve a problem like Alastair Cook?

Just give him four years at the helm and be done with it

Andrew Hughes
Andrew Hughes is a writer and avid cricket watcher who has always retained a healthy suspicion of professional sportsmen, and like any right-thinking person rates Neville Cardus more highly than Don Bradman. His latest book is available here and here @hughandrews73

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