MARCH 19, 2015

When Punter went mental

Philip Brown: The Australia captain lost his rag when Brad Hogg failed to respond to him in the heat of the 2007 World Cup final
© Philip Brown
FEBRUARY 08, 2015

The sleeping Cat

Philip Brown: Photographing the very colourful Phil Tufnell in a colourful armchair on the sidelines of a county game
NOVEMBER 28, 2014

An unpredictable subject

Philip Brown: Off the field, Phillip Hughes was too shy to photograph well, but on it he was exciting - which too made the photographer's job difficult
NOVEMBER 03, 2014

KP among the beasts

Philip Brown: No matter where you stand on the various controversies surrounding him, there's no denying Pietersen was a photographer's delight
SEPTEMBER 29, 2014

Six, six and ouch!

Philip Brown: Remember when Stuart Broad got his nose broken earlier this season?
JULY 07, 2014

The beard that's feared

Philip Brown: There's something about Moeen Ali's long, dark beard
JUNE 04, 2014

You may smile at a six, but you'll cry at a seven

Philip Brown: Six frames a second of Andrew Flintoff in despair will make you money
MAY 15, 2014

Bruises and babies

Philip Brown: Aussie hard-case in smiling-with-infant shocker
APRIL 15, 2014

Outside the Grace Gate

Philip Brown: You think MCC members have it easy when it comes to watching a Test at Lord's? Think again
MARCH 25, 2014

Baggy-green baby

Philip Brown: What do you get when you combine a legendary Test cricketer's cap, a two-year-old and some pink zinc cream?
MARCH 18, 2014

The joy of Cabbage

Philip Brown: In Antigua, a cheering spectator makes for more interesting photos than the action on the field
JANUARY 31, 2014

Warner's Salmon leap

Philip Brown: Philip Brown mulls over the anxieties a photographer faces when a player approaches a ton
JANUARY 19, 2014

A circle among shadows

Philip Brown: Two photos from the Brisbane Test, taken at (nearly) the same instant, produce two different effects
OCTOBER 13, 2013

Goodbye Sachin

Philip Brown: A photograph from the previous time Philip Brown snapped Sachin Tendulkar, in tribute to the great Indian sportsman who'll soon be retiring from the game
JULY 26, 2013

Capturing Agar

Philip Brown: The Ashes - I take it you've heard of them? Well the first Ashes Test match begins in (checks Sherlock Holmes style timepiece) roughly 97 hours
MARCH 10, 2013

Nasser's tearful resignation

Philip Brown: I remember that it was a particularly silly day at Edgbaston in 2003 when England played South Africa. Towards the end of the day I was asked if I was going to cover the Nasser Hussain press conference.
MARCH 05, 2013

Singing or shouting?

Philip Brown: I covered the entire Ashes tour of England in 1989 and I hadn't looked at these photographs since that time.
JANUARY 11, 2013

First glimpse of Shane Warne

Philip Brown: I remember my first encounter with Shane Warne, in 1993, when Australia were about to play their first match of the Ashes tour against an England Amateurs XI at Radlett, just north of London
NOVEMBER 18, 2012

Pietersen fails to carry his bat

Philip Brown: I'd never visited the UAE before January, so I was very happy to go and cover three Pakistan v England Test matches there
OCTOBER 20, 2012

Singing while snapping at the World Twenty20

Philip Brown: I've just spent three weeks in Sri Lanka for Reuters, covering the World Twenty20. It was hard work but really very enjoyable