SEPTEMBER 15, 2010

Season-ending musings

Rene Van Oorschot: Clog Blog says "beannachd leat" till next spring, but not before feeling very miserable about it
SEPTEMBER 06, 2010

Aberdeenshire second XI: 2010 series review

Rene Van Oorschot: Includes a lowdown on the team's notable performers with bat and ball, and in the Monaco social calendar
AUGUST 25, 2010

Scored runs, will rain

Rene Van Oorschot: Painful tales that will resonate with every batsman who has been cheated by silly league rules
AUGUST 19, 2010

Remembering Christopher Parr

Rene Van Oorschot: His voice will be heard no more, chirruping away encouragingly at his team's bowlers or derisively at the opposition's batsmen, but he'll be forever honoured with a pint or three by Aberdeen's most tightly knit club
AUGUST 10, 2010

White coats, anyone?

Rene Van Oorschot: For a captain, there's nothing worse than having to pick a team-mate to umpire a game
JULY 30, 2010

Camel spider on a length

Rene Van Oorschot: It was in the sandy outfields of Muscat that Clog Blog first learnt to play our noble sport
JULY 18, 2010

Why cricket trumps football

Rene Van Oorschot: The summer pastime is in danger of being engulfed by the beautiful game and its not-so-beautiful groin-injuring fans
MAY 31, 2010

Sunny day, stunning ground, steak pies

Rene Van Oorschot: Could it get any better
MAY 23, 2010

Blade of glory... or not

Rene Van Oorschot: With bowling and fielding prospects looking slim, batting may be the only way our hero can keep his place in the team
MAY 14, 2010

Pro or no pro?

Rene Van Oorschot: No one wants to watch a top-flight player slaughter his way through a league far below his level
MAY 04, 2010

When cricketing abilities (and livers) take a hit

Rene Van Oorschot: The hills are alive with the smell of moldy gear
APRIL 20, 2010

I met cricket before I met you

Rene Van Oorschot: Cricketers are merely innocent mediators between two forces – the need to play the game and the wrath of the partner or spouse spurned
APRIL 09, 2010

IPL? I'll take the Aberdeen Evening Cricket League instead

Rene Van Oorschot: Gale force winds, uncovered pitches, pensioner batsmen, and the sight of public toilets as sightscreens cannot be replicated in the International Pomposity League
MARCH 28, 2010

The rise and fall of the van Poorshot XIII

Rene Van Oorschot: A tale of passion, intrigue, vomit, carousing and betrayal most foul
MARCH 16, 2010

How I won the Scottish U-18 Championship without being a Scot or under 18

Rene Van Oorschot: Beating schoolchildren is not that easy, even when you prepare with an all-night bender
MARCH 05, 2010

Poor wickets, crap fielding, lucky batsmen, lousy umpires

Rene Van Oorschot: A chronicle of club cricket in Scotland