JANUARY 07, 2011

Caught (Dropped!) In The Memory

Christian Ryan: So ends another Ashes summer
JANUARY 06, 2011

The Hangman’s Way

Christian Ryan: At six past midday on Wednesday, Alastair Cook got a ball that was neither wide nor full and he greeted it like a stork helping itself to water
JANUARY 05, 2011

Fawlty Hours

Christian Ryan: Let us begin by listing the signs of promising improvement seen in the Australian cricket team today
JANUARY 04, 2011


Christian Ryan: The world moves in apt and mysterious ways, and so it was that on Michael Clarke’s first afternoon as Australia’s captain in the field David Hasselhoff was sitting in the crowd
JANUARY 03, 2011

Sweet Fifteen

Christian Ryan: He awoke a Test cricketer, and for the rest of the day being awake felt dreamier than the deepest sleep
DECEMBER 30, 2010

The Ballad of Nugget and Krystyna

Christian Ryan: Speaking of a sick-in-the-gut feeling, that’s when it hit me, a creeping unease
DECEMBER 28, 2010

That old greyhound squint

Christian Ryan: When Ricky Ponting wakes up on Test match morning, he is not the type to help himself to muesli and a Swisse Men’s Ultivite pill only to spend the next half-hour wondering whether he should have gone for a couple of bananas instead
DECEMBER 27, 2010

Letting go

Christian Ryan: The final week of the fourth fastest-scoring year in Test history – 3.34 runs an over, and counting – is upon us
DECEMBER 26, 2010

Gone fishing

Christian Ryan: “In a pond with no fish,” goes an old Russian saying, “a crab is a fish.” Twenty-first century Australian cricket throws up numerous variations on this
DECEMBER 19, 2010

The (woman's) style is the man

Christian Ryan: “Each profession begets its particular style of play,” wrote that master back-of-a-postcard essayist RC Robertson-Glasgow, in the days when cricketers had day jobs.
DECEMBER 18, 2010

Into the mystic

Christian Ryan: Swing
DECEMBER 17, 2010

The Smith experiment

Christian Ryan: One high-wired June afternoon in 1986, Kapil Dev clubbed a six into the grandstand to win a Test match at Lord’s and Mike Gatting was minutes later being steered into the tiny physiotherapist’s room
DECEMBER 09, 2010

A time for sparrow’s feet

Christian Ryan: People say baggy green caps are never given away lightly
DECEMBER 06, 2010

Waltzing, not wilting

Christian Ryan: In 1973 – a year when the Ashes were technically in England’s possession, but not for long – Mary Gates migrated to Australia with her husband and four children
DECEMBER 05, 2010

The travails of Xavier Doherty

Christian Ryan: The cap did not fit
DECEMBER 04, 2010

The Lost Art of Intercepting

Christian Ryan: Give me a time machine and a choice – one match, one moment, one ball – and I’d say take me to Old Trafford, mid-afternoon, on the 26th day of July in 1902
DECEMBER 03, 2010

Tyson, Hadlee, Holding … Jimmy?

Christian Ryan: Jimmy Anderson’s second delivery to Michael Clarke today swung 11 centimetres, the mere width of a golf hole
DECEMBER 01, 2010

Mystery on Haddin's head

Christian Ryan: An hour wafted by on Monday before Xavier Doherty got a bowl – crazy, seeing as how one of the morning’s big intrigues promised to be the sight of Australia’s new spinner operating on a last-day pitch with cracks in it
NOVEMBER 28, 2010

Channelling Dennis

Christian Ryan: Could we have a little less politeness and a little more "stupid emotion" from Mitchell Johnson?
NOVEMBER 27, 2010

The hour that mattered

Christian Ryan: Had we been playing in a log-fenced park up the road, and not in a cauldron of concrete and plastic, the seagulls would have been spooked and the people pushing their prams around the oval mystified