Alan Tyers and Jarrod Kimber

JANUARY 07, 2011

Oz lost? Sez who?

In our final post, Jarrod has won the toss and will write first.
JANUARY 06, 2011

The Cook, the Cheat, His Life and Their Umpire

In which Belly tries to usurp the Australian way
JANUARY 03, 2011

A new motto for Australia

Where are their players going to come from in future?
DECEMBER 29, 2010

England have made a fatal mistake

They’ve gone and awoken Australia and put them on the road to betterment, haven’t they?
DECEMBER 27, 2010

Ricky, the defender of the weak and the useless

Kimber and Tyers conclude that the UDRS should be replaced by Ponting
DECEMBER 26, 2010

The wreck of the good ship Oz

In which Tyers cackles and Kimber washes his hands off his side
DECEMBER 24, 2010

The perfect Paul Collingwood pitch?

All signs point to a turgid pudding at the MCG
DECEMBER 21, 2010

Australians? Sledgers? Utter rubbish

They’re polite, well-bred lads in whose mouth butter wouldn’t melt
DECEMBER 18, 2010

Jimmy’s brain freeze

Did the unusual sight of Australians doing what they’re supposed to get to Mr Anderson?
DECEMBER 16, 2010

We need to talk about Steven

Whatever could Steven Smith’s inclusion in the Australian side mean?
DECEMBER 14, 2010

Beer and the Wizard of Oz

Kimber justifies Michael Beer's selection and Tyers gets nostalgic about England's desperado days
DECEMBER 10, 2010

Has Broad done a Pidge?

England have lost their lead bowler after going up 1-0
DECEMBER 03, 2010

Australia collapsed for the sake of cricket

Or perhaps because they were mounting another clown masterclass
NOVEMBER 30, 2010

The most shambolic Oz performance? Hardly

And will they be as rubbish in Adelaide
NOVEMBER 26, 2010

Luck or strategy?

So, Australia owned day one in Brisbane
NOVEMBER 23, 2010

Hairy arms, Aussie heart

Who's the better captain - Ponting or Strauss
NOVEMBER 18, 2010

Australia's big tent of panic

A new blog in which an Aussie and an Englishman bicker over various things to do with the Ashes