MAY 19, 2013

Taking in McLeodganj

Ben Rohrer: Ben Rohrer clocks plenty of air miles, visits the Taj Mahal and McLeod Ganj and explains why Chennai is a shock to the system
It has been a chastening experience for a team full of proud characters © BCCI
MAY 15, 2013

Late-night table tennis, catch-ups, and a birthday

Chris Morris: Chris Morris plays late-night table tennis, meets lots of South African team-mates, and celebrates his birthday
MAY 05, 2013

The arms race between batsmen and bowlers

Ryan ten Doeschate: T20 cricket has encouraged an arms race of sorts between the batsmen and bowlers, in which one side try to one-up one another in a bid to dominate
MAY 01, 2013

A legend, a turnaround, and some karaoke

Ben Rohrer: Daredevils finally turn it around somewhat. The celebrations include singing along to the Backstreet Boys
APRIL 23, 2013

Unravelling the unravelling

Ryan ten Doeschate: How to deal with the lows as a team
APRIL 20, 2013

Three shirts, eight sweat bands, and 4000 Twitter followers

Chris Morris: It's hot, it's noisy, and there's plenty of travel involved, but Chris Morris is having the coolest time ever at the IPL
APRIL 17, 2013

Live from the Super Over

Ben Rohrer: Six to win off the last ball of a tiebreaker? Been there
APRIL 15, 2013

A slow start, packed houses, and a Delhi tip

Ben Rohrer: Daredevils have not got off the blocks in the best fashion but it's early days yet
APRIL 11, 2013

Knight Riders' engine room

Ryan ten Doeschate: The people who keep Kolkata Knight Riders fit and ready
APRIL 10, 2013

Settling in with Chennai's Super Kings

Chris Morris: Chris Morris gets his first taste of flying business-class, what it means to be a high-profile cricketer in India, and the IPL
APRIL 03, 2013

Season six, bring it on

Ryan ten Doeschate: Time to start on the mad merry-go-round again. (This year, with better use of downtime)
MAY 29, 2012

Experiencing KKR's triumph from the inside

Ryan Ten Doeschate: I happily concede that I lack the skills necessary to put into words the experience I've had with the Kolkata Knight Riders in IPL 5.
MAY 19, 2012

The organised chaos of match-day

Ryan Ten Doeschate: Match Number 65 .
MAY 09, 2012

Different cultures, familiar characters

Dirk Nannes: Over the first few years of the IPL, it had an image of ‘wild’ cheerleaders, players at late night parties drinking vodka through yard-glasses, models parading nude through hotels at 5 am in the morning, cash being burnt as fuel in fire-places, and
MAY 07, 2012

Tickets, please

Ryan Ten Doeschate: What's the most challenging aspect of the IPL
MAY 01, 2012

$2 a day, but no lack of smiles

Ryan Ten Doeschate: April 25 It is a rare day off and some of the guys are heading out to play golf this afternoon
APRIL 28, 2012

Why 200 cricketers have become nocturnal

Dirk Nannes: It’s 3am, and sleep is still a long way away
APRIL 25, 2012

Tackling Narine on a tennis court

Ryan Ten Doeschate:
APRIL 20, 2012

Bring your patience on away trips

Dirk Nannes: The flight to Chandigarh was standard enough
APRIL 18, 2012

A bit of song and dance, and much cake

Ryan Ten Doeschate: April 11 Today is another tiring travel day