MAY 28, 2012

Through rivers of sweat we swim

Andrew Hughes: A sea of yellow
MAY 25, 2012

Watching MI fade, minus Morrison

Andrew Hughes: Oh well, at least their theme song made it through
MAY 23, 2012

In which we critique the format

Andrew Hughes: League phase, playoffs, eliminators – it’s all such a dreadful headache
MAY 21, 2012

A weekend of heartbreak

Andrew Hughes: It’s goodbye to the royals, but at least there’s one bunch of kings left
MAY 18, 2012

My money’s on KKR

Andrew Hughes: It’s time for the lads from the east to win
MAY 16, 2012

Why so angry, Mumbai?

Andrew Hughes: Does Polly not love you enough
MAY 14, 2012

Hair, sweaty men, self-destruction

Andrew Hughes: Need any more reasons to watch the games just before the pointy end of the IPL?
MAY 11, 2012

A gondola full of budgerigars piloted by an elephant

Andrew Hughes: Royal Challengers Bangalore have a bit of a problem of balance, wot?
MAY 09, 2012

The problem with Yusuf

Andrew Hughes: Fifty-one games in and I think it’s starting to get to me
MAY 07, 2012

Super Narine, aka the Mendis Extreme

Andrew Hughes: Bird
MAY 04, 2012

Get your merch here

Andrew Hughes: Short of IPL-branded tat
MAY 02, 2012

A squabble by the seaside

Andrew Hughes: Tuesday’s colour-coordinated clash retold
APRIL 30, 2012

Wait till Delhi’s cookie crumbles

Andrew Hughes: They’ll conquer all in the league games, then do a belly flop in the knockouts
APRIL 28, 2012

An ode to Gangulylocks

Andrew Hughes: The Pune captain's new hair is as inspiring as the man himself
APRIL 25, 2012

Deccan’s mass existential crisis

Andrew Hughes: Maybe propping up the points table is their raison d’etre
APRIL 23, 2012

Are you a cricket fan or a cricket lover?

Andrew Hughes: There are two species on the couch, and never the twain shall meet
APRIL 20, 2012

Biblical plagues? We’ve got those

Andrew Hughes: It’s Kings XI v KKR, starring a cast of flying thousands
APRIL 18, 2012

The great word shortage of 2012

Andrew Hughes: But fear not, adept thesaurus-wielder Dr Morrison is at hand, with helpful vegetable-based monikers
APRIL 16, 2012

At the crunch, with Tendo and the Indian Derek Pringle

Andrew Hughes: Kings XI have won two games in a week
APRIL 13, 2012

It’s not jealousy, KP

Andrew Hughes: Why Mr Pietersen has got it wrong about English attitudes to the IPL