JUNE 01, 2012

A wish list for IPL 2013

Nikita Bastian: By Karan Mamgain, Indonesia
The likes of Abhinav Mukund could have got a game, had there been a loaning system in place © ESPNcricinfo Ltd
MAY 30, 2012

What drives cricket?

Akhila Ranganna: By Janani Dev, Germany
MAY 25, 2012

Practicality v idealism

Nikita Bastian: By Sriram Jayanthi, India
MAY 22, 2012

The need to decentralise

Akhila Ranganna: By Aamod Desai, India
MAY 21, 2012

For the love of the game

Devashish Fuloria: By M R Sharan, India
MAY 14, 2012

IPL not a conspiracy against Test cricket

Devashish Fuloria: By Matthew Browns, United Kingdom
MAY 11, 2012

What makes Rajasthan so likeable?

Akhila Ranganna: The team of the IPL is Rajasthan Royals for me
MAY 08, 2012

The art of captaincy showcased

Nikita Bastian: By Algenes Edmund Dantes, Australia
MAY 03, 2012

Home (dis)advantage

Nikita Bastian: By Aamod Desai, India
APRIL 29, 2012

Is this the last time we’ll see the veterans in action?

Nikita Bastian: By Aakash Bang, India
APRIL 24, 2012

Give us raw emotion, stripped of commercialisation

Nikita Bastian: By Indra Chakraborty, USA
APRIL 23, 2012

Owais Shah for World T20?

Cricinfo: By Ewan Day-Collins, United Kingdom
APRIL 20, 2012

How good is the IPL as a TV product?

Nikita Bastian: By Aamod Desai, India ‘… And it’s time for the strategic time-out,’ the commentator says only to reappear – or rather, only to be reheard – about five seconds short of 2.5 minutes as the crowd at the ground counts down those seconds on the ticker
APRIL 17, 2012

What IPL 2012 is missing

Nikita Bastian: By Gareth Kidd, Australia
APRIL 17, 2012

Royal Challengers' fifth bowler problem

Cricinfo: By Aashish Calla, India
APRIL 13, 2012

Time to implement rotation policy?

Cricinfo: By Sriraj GS, Australia
APRIL 11, 2012

The superlative overdose

Nikita Bastian: By Harshad Sardeshmukh, India
APRIL 09, 2012

Play five foreign players to help Indian cricket

Nikita Bastian: By Karan Mamgain, Indonesia
APRIL 06, 2012

The problem with IPL's heroes

Nikita Bastian: By Soham Sarkhel, India
APRIL 04, 2012

Is the IPL sending Indian cricket the way of English football?

Nikita Bastian: By Rahul Oak, USA