JULY 16, 2012

Developing a bowling value index

Ric Finlay: An analysis to develop a bowling index to help measure the value of Test bowlers
JUNE 06, 2012

Player and team: runs, centuries and partnerships

Madhusudhan Ramakrishnan: Analysing various aspects of individual batting stats relative to the team performance
AUGUST 24, 2011

Test bowlers and their mean streaks

Gabriel Rogers: An analysis of the best and worst streaks in the careers of Test bowlers
JUNE 10, 2011

Analysing the best batting pairs by partnership wicket

Madhusudhan Ramakrishnan: A detailed analysis of the most successful top-order and middle-order batting pairs
APRIL 05, 2011

The DRS effect on lbw decisions

Ric Finlay: A look at how the Decision Review System has affected lbw decisions in the 2011 World Cup
JANUARY 31, 2011

The World Cup in numbers

Madhusudhan Ramakrishnan: A statistical analysis of all World Cup tournaments played between 1975 and 2007
JANUARY 05, 2011

2010 on the back of an envelope

Gabriel Rogers: A look back at the numbers from the year 2010 in all forms of cricket
DECEMBER 23, 2010

Know your stats?

Ric Finlay: A Christmas quiz to test your knowledge of Test cricket stats
OCTOBER 22, 2010

Measuring batting averages effectively

Madhusudhan Ramakrishnan: A stats analysis to determine effective batting averages in the 2000s by measuring bowling quality faced
SEPTEMBER 29, 2010

The numbers behind team performances

Madhusudhan Ramakrishnan: A look at the batting and bowling numbers behind team performances over the years
SEPTEMBER 14, 2010

Form is temporary ...

Gabriel Rogers: A statistical analysis of batsmen's form across their career
AUGUST 27, 2010

A true measure of quality: World Series Cricket

Madhusudhan Ramakrishnan: A statistical look at World Series Cricket
JULY 26, 2010

Sri Lanka's awesome toss record

S Rajesh: Winning a Test against Sri Lanka in Sri Lanka is one of the toughest tasks going around, but beating them in a home venue after losing the toss is perhaps the toughest task in international cricket
JULY 19, 2010

Match winning Test bowlers

Madhusudhan Ramakrishnan: A detailed stats analysis of top Test bowlers' performances in Test wins
JULY 09, 2010

Achieving the right consistency - II

Gabriel Rogers: A statistical analysis of consistency among Test bowlers
JUNE 21, 2010

Occupying the crease

Ric Finlay: A look at the players who face the most balls per innings on average.
JUNE 16, 2010

Achieving the right consistency - I

Gabriel Rogers: A comprehensive statistical analysis of consistency for Test batsmen
MARCH 27, 2010

The amazing symmetry of Tests, ODIs, and Twenty20s

Ric Finlay: A stats analysis of the scoring rates in Tests, ODIs and Twenty20 internationals
MARCH 23, 2010

Ponting piles on the records

Rajesh Kumar: Stats from Ricky Ponting's top-class ODI career
MARCH 01, 2010

Why is Sreesanth playing ODIs?

S Rajesh: Sreesanth has been very impressive in Tests, but ODIs clearly isn't the format for him