James Marsh

JANUARY 19, 2015

England to give the World Cup a miss

Decide it's for the best, given they don't care for the format
"Think about it - we could be down the pub, or auditioning for Strictly Come Dancing, or helping management devise a new dietary regimen. Anywhere but here" © Getty Images
JANUARY 09, 2015

Books cricketers like

Russian classics, erotica, crime and cookery - players like 'em all
JANUARY 02, 2015

Kohli to cage-fight Ravi Shastri before every Test

New captain takes steps to get side to toughen up
DECEMBER 26, 2014

A four-point plan for Indian away success

What they need to do if they are to turn the scoreline in Australia around
DECEMBER 19, 2014

Christmas with the ECB

It's the season of posifestivity
DECEMBER 08, 2014

Are you good enough to work for the ECB?

Take this handy quiz to find out if you're cut out for the top echelons of UK cricket administration
NOVEMBER 27, 2014

Where on earth is the World Cup mascot?

There's less than three months to go to the tournament. Wake up, ICC
NOVEMBER 21, 2014

A day in the life of an elite umpire

Forgetting cricket is harder than it looks
NOVEMBER 14, 2014

The modern cricket family

Possessive dad ICC forbids offspring cricket from stepping out
NOVEMBER 07, 2014

Shastri appointed India coach for 2005-2007

The BCCI goes into damage-control mode as Tendulkar's new book reveals unpleasantness with Chappell
OCTOBER 28, 2014

CSK dressing room transcripts released

Police release unseen video footage in the case
OCTOBER 21, 2014

World Cup replaced by India-Sri Lanka ODIs

West Indies' pullout forces seismic changes to the world cricket schedule
OCTOBER 13, 2014

ECB appeals Nobel Peace Prize decision

England board outraged at its peace-keeping efforts being overlooked
OCTOBER 07, 2014

'Granddad, what was an offspinner?'

An old-timer tells the tale of an extinct species
SEPTEMBER 29, 2014

Ryder Cup '14: Mankaddy Madness

Golf and cricket come together in a new game where European cricketers are pitted against the rest of the world
SEPTEMBER 19, 2014

Five gadgets cricket needs

The Afridi Mindmapper comes to Misbah's rescue
SEPTEMBER 01, 2014

The all-new national cricket board rankings

Why should all the lists be just about the players?
AUGUST 22, 2014

The ECB's blueprint for success for India

If they want to win like England, they need to muck about with their captain, coach and best player
AUGUST 11, 2014

Nuns with stubble? Must be the Party Stand

Pasty calves, beer snakes and more cross-dressing than you can shake a stick at - all on offer at Old Trafford on the Saturday
AUGUST 01, 2014

A day in the life of Pankaj Singh

When everything went wrong. And then some